In a weird place

I was sick for two weeks and just not up to doing anything. The really sad thing was I was SO excited the Sat night before I woke up sick on Sunday and was totally motivated to create for the stores downtown so I could work at getting my items into those stores, and had all these ideas and could not wait to get started.

Now, two weeks later today, I cannot seem to get out of my own way. I feel stuck. In a weird place as my title says. I look at stuff and have no motivation. I am still a bit tired, but feel much better. I am waiting to get started on my friends order, we did so good last year doing her projects and this year we have had delay after delay, on both sides, no ones fault, just a lot going on  with both of us, stuff we had to take care of, and so I know I am really excited to get started with that, but we are still on hold right now. I do have another order for the pirate charms, I plan to get those done this week. Her last order to make it an even 100 wine glass charms.

I just bought all kinds of fun materials for some old fashioned Christmas crafts, and they are on my work table, and I am just not motivated to do anything with them. I am just kind of stuck. Not really sure how to get out of these place I find myself in.

I will share all those wonderful materials with you, and hopefully soon I can share the projects as well.

Look at these wonderful rolls of sequin ribbon. It is exactly what it sounds like. Sequins sewn together to make a ribbon. I had found some at Hobby Lobby, those three tiny rolls at the back, 4 yards each, but flat seqins, at 1.50 a roll . They were not what I wanted. I want to recreate a craft from over 30 years ago and they were made with cupped sequins, which they did not have. I looked on line and found them !! I bought five spools, 80 yards each for only 5.99 a roll. Shipping was around 8 bucks, I bought five colors. All of them are 6 mm cupped sequins sewed together to form a slim ribbon. I am thrilled. I found them on a site called Paper Mart, never had heard of them before, but was thrilled with the quality and availability of what I was looking for !! Price was much cheaper with a wider variety of these ribbons, had found limited colors on another site, smaller roll, only 70 yards for 4 bucks more a roll and they did not have all the colors I wanted in the cupped sequin. I know they have a lot of other products, so worth checking out. I always let you know when I find a great place to buy things, so I thought I would pass their site along today.

DSCN3832  Of course, felt, red, green and yes, leopard print. I am working on some ornaments for our oldest daughters tree, theme, I am sure you guessed it, leopard print !
I forgot to pick up white felt, so I will grab some of that too. I plan to return the flat sequin ribbon and I will use that money to buy more felt. The felt is for many different projects I have planned.


pipe cleaners, because what Christmas craft does not  use pipe cleaners in some way !! One of the crafts I am doing uses the sequin ribbon, one uses the pipe cleaner but I am thinking we might have some cross overs as well !!



big giant bottle of gold glitter. again, a classic for Christmas crafts and similar bottles in brown, red, and green will also be purchased. I am taking it a bit at a time and will add more each week. We also bought a ton of those glass, clear ornaments in different sizes and shapes, but I forgot to get pictures of those !! They are stashed at our daughters house in her closet until we get started !!



a huge roll of velvet ribbon, not for making bows, but something else, I will share soon


if you look close at the picture below  you will see a bag of  yellow pom poms another element of holiday crafts. I am sure more colors of those will be purchased as well. 7 grandkids and two weeks Christmas break as well as a week off the week of Thanksgiving, we will have a lot of time for crafts.


Two new cookie cutters, a fleur de lis and a masquerade mask. Sure to make some fun ornaments. Some cookies as well !!

You can also see two packages in the above picture to make make Chrismas chains, all ready cut and ready to hook together. Kind of  a cheat, but on half price and looked fun !!

Has anyone else ever gone through a time like this ? I am so beyond bored, bored stupid to be honest , but cannot seem to get moving on anything right now.

I think I am going to grab my husband and go to Hobby Lobby to return those flat sequin ribbons, and see what sparkly fun thing I can add to my pile.

I am hoping I will find some inspiration while I am there. I just am flat out of that right now.

Any advice is welcome, I hate feeling like this and have no idea what to do to snap out of it !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


7 responses to “In a weird place”

  1. You’ll hit your groove soon. I get like that from time to time. Enjoy the break, and quit sweating it. The inspiration and motivation WILL come!

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  2. Thanks Krista,
    I sure hope so, I hate feeling like this !! I have been trying to just relax and get some stuff done around the house, but I miss feeling excited about a project !! I am sure an hour of wandering around Hobby Lobby will help, lol !!

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    1. I know girl! I’ll bet it does. ☺️

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  3. Your poor body is trying to recover from your health sieges. You need to enjoy the fact that you’re not feeling bad for a bit before you’ll be ready to dive into projects. Give yourself time and space and the creativity will come roaring back, Stephie.


  4. Thanks Linda !! I am feeling a bit better after an afternoon and evening with David. We went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels and I got a few things at both places. I am sure I will get back to myself soon !! I appreciate all the encouragement !!


  5. Tallied your must-haves vs. your like-to-haves?


    1. No, I really have not, but that is excellent advice I will take !! Thanks !!!


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