Still here !!

Hello dear readers !!

I have not been here for a couple of weeks and I appologize !! I have been sick a good part of that. Starting with a miserable stomach flu, followed with a cold/ flu I am still getting over. I am working on getting my laundry caught up today, almost done, but I just have not been able to do much on the computer or do any beading. I have been spending a lot of time watching tv. These bugs really wiped me out,  and I am still worn out. I am fine, I had my physical this past wednesday so I am otherwise fine. But dealing with an exhausting cough !!

So, I have not really done much of anything for two weeks, but I wanted to just touch base. I was really working to post more often so I am upset I have been away for two weeks.

I did get to check out our new Hobby Lobby in town, although I can say with all honesty, I did not purchase any beads or sequins other than some sequin ribbon. I have a craft in mind from thirty years ago I want to do this year. So, I bought felt and that ribbon they make by sewing flat sequins together. A huge bottle of gold glitter is involved too. I will be sure to share when I get ready to get started. When glitter is involved it is always fun !!

So, just coughing a lot and trying to rest and really anxious to get back in the studio. I am hoping my friend who I am doing all the projects with, will be ready when I am so we can get back to her lovely pieces !! We have been having delays on both sides, but this one is all mine. I had one good day in between, last Saturday and it was a lovely day and had fun with the family, and had so many ideas I was planning on working on,  so I was shocked when I woke up with the cold on Sunday. It has been a week now, so I am hoping by this time next week this cough will be long gone !!

So, I hope all my wonderful readers and friends are doing well and I hope you all have a lovely new week !!

I should be back soon to share what I am doing, hopefully making pretty dangles with my friend !!!



2 responses to “Still here !!”

  1. I’ve been right there with you…super sick! Glad you’re feeling better. I’ve got the nagging cough too. Keep healing!


  2. oh no, I am so sorry to hear you are sick too, this thing stinks !! I am so sick of coughing !!! I hope you feel better soon too !!!


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