A month has passed quickly !!

It seems I have not posted in an entire month and that is shocking to me, it feels like I just posted the other day !! I was just posting to a fellow jewelry blogger that I tend to let life get in my way when it comes to my creativity. I also tend to forget to play , which is the true secret to creativity, and I tend to work on what I feel I should to put in my store. This , of course, leads to less inspiration as I have shut down that part of me and have become a factory instead. I will post more on that in another posts !!

One of the things I love most about the blog world is the amazing , creative people I get to meet online every day. The blogger that has me thinking today is Micaela over at Beads academy. She reminded me to approach my work playfully, something I have to admit I have not been doing lately.

Please check out her site, she is so creative and inventive, you can tell she has fun playing in her studio !!


So, what have I been up to this month, let me see what I can share with you from the past month. I made some new wine charms









I love working with the seed beads on the wine hoops and loved the jewel tones

I found a diet coke with my name on it, and that is rare to find stuff with my name, and it was sitting right in front , I normally am too cheap to buy a 20 ounce for more than the price of a 2 liter, but they got me, great marketing campaign, fully aware I was had, but did it anyway , lol !!



I worked with my seed beads, sequins and felt, I am working on ornaments, first candy canes, then some others I want to do , both for our tree, and gifts,  and also some for sale as well !!! Still have to add the loops, but ordered some lovely TOHO beads which are very nice and all the beads are the same size and shape and will make the loops prettier.  They finally came so I can start looping them , only got a couple of close ups, the rest are in a group picture. I loved making the unusual one, but the little loops did not come out as well as I wanted so I have a new plan figured out for that top to make it look better and less cramped, but it was fun to do something different !! You can see the awful loop on the other one, that is an old one I made years ago, before I discovered the more uniform beads, I wanted these loops to look better than that !!



I had fun making them all, and plan to make a lot more of them too as I work on other projects. They are fun little quick projects to make. A few hours each, but worth it , I love how they look !!



I finished the pirate charm sets, all 36 and sent them off to my customer, she was very happy with them !!



some new earrings !!








Sold an order and then the customer asked me if I could make some police wine charms, so I looked around for some charms, and made her up two mock ones with the charms I have and sent her the pictures I found, she decided to not order them, which was fine with me. I would have had to charge more to buy all the charms, so I figured she would not want to do it !! unlike most charms, the one set with the three, was just those three, not several of each !! It was fun checking into it and I was not in the least upset !!







Helped the three grandaughters who live with us with thier parents, each make a necklace !!

just turned 6 years old in Aug


four, going to be five in November


the oldest one painted her own t shirt too !! Eight , nine in December


Ongoing is our kitchen reno, so I am still dealing with half a kitchen, but it is getting closer !! Old sink still in, and then we will have our plumber come out, put in the new sink base and have him hook up the dishwasher, sink and garbage disposal . The picture is the sink base, the board is where the stove will be and cupboards all around  upper and lowers !! Still have to remove the cabinet between the windows, but it is built into the wall, you can see the vent pipe, so we have to tear it out, put in insulation, rebuild out the wall and drywall it

It actually looks  much better than this, need to take new pictures, the green board goes around that window and up to the old cabinet now. It has been taped and mudded and primer applied, but still no closer to getting cabinets in yet !! Still have to fix the floor and some other things !!I am hoping to have a kitchen by the end of October !!


So, that is my September !!  I hope you had a great month, I did, and I am looking forward to a wonderful October !! I promise to post more often !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!




I would love to hear what you think !!!

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