Eiffel tower necklace and cross wine charms, and fish wine charm sets

I am at it again, listing more items into my Etsy shop. I made this necklace a few months ago, but just never got it listed. I really love it, the blue glass tag is gorgeous and it is the only one I have like this . I have some others, but this is the one I like the best !! I have a large black , a large  green and a large  brown, and then small browns and clears and some light green clear rounds.










the jump ring hangs straight, I was not paying attention when I took the above picture


Here is the link, it is 24.98  FREE SHIPPING, NO COUPON CODE NEEDED !!



Fish wine glass charms

Fun and cute metal fish beads, paired with glass faceted glass beads.









Here is the link to the listing



Cross wine charms, many of the crosses are recycled from old pieces. I used some gorgeous beads in this set. A glass pearl that has an irredescence with purples, grays, pinks, greens, a teal and pink bead that is stunning and a gorgeous opal like glass bead. The clear and green are gorgeous and there is a stone swirled blue bead as well.

DSCN3153 DSCN3159









That is it for now, may list others later today.

thanks for stopping by !!





7 responses to “Eiffel tower necklace and cross wine charms, and fish wine charm sets”

  1. Okay, so I have a stupid question for you. How is the best way to ensure that a jump ring on a finished piece doesn’t seperate or create a gap? I have made several things with jump rings, and have used my jewelry tools to move the jump ring back and forth to create a snug closure, but they still end up gaping over time. Any tips or tricks? My daughter says to put a dab of clear nail polish over the opening, but that seems like it would affect the overall appearance. I bought a metal stamp set, and see a lot of future jump ring projects, but I want to make sure that my customers remain happy with their purchase as time passes. Thank you for your advice…I know that you are the right woman to ask.

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  2. I am not really sure about the nail polish thing, I think I have to agree with you on that one !! I have found if I take two jewelry pliers and go back and forth until it is snug and straight, AND I use a good sturdy jump ring, it does fine. I think it does happen to everyone though. I sold a stained glass necklace to a friend, who luckily is a jewelry maker too, as a chain link on the chain came off. She says not to worry about it, she was just letting me know and that is why she useds ball chain, so she does not have to deal with it !! lol !!! That was her advice to me, lol !! I do have some and plan on using it, I really like the look on a lot of pieces, especially the brass stuff !!
    Now, for your stamping, you can always wire wrap as well. I am working to do that more often, when you wire wrap a loop, then you do not have to worry because it is secure and cannot open. So, that is an option for you, and would look really nice with metal stamping !!
    I am so wanting to do the metal stamping, I have one set my husband got from from work free, they were going to throw it iout, but it is a pretty large font , maybe five mm, and not fancy, , just basic font, but it does okay but I want some of the cute sets , so I cannot wait to see what you do, please share your work !!! I have only used it on fimo clay, but metal smithing and stamping is on my wish list and have been for a very long time !! I am so excited for you !!!
    I hope I was able to help !!!

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  3. Thank you so much for the advice! I really appreciate it! I used that jewelry plier technique, perhaps the quality of the jump rings are the issue. Love the wire wrap idea…have played with that technique in the past and have done okay. Definitely can improve on it though. That was one of those big red truck moments! LOL!!! Didn’t even dawn on me that I could do wire wrap as opposed to jump rings…overworked and brain is fried I suppose. I ordered a 3mm basic font set. Good for beginning. Looking at the fancy font $60 set…maybe for Christmas. I think you should bust out the set-make a couple sales and get that set you’ve been eyeballing. It’s awesome that you got them for free! One thing that I saw that was really cool on Pinterest was wooden spoons that had stamped phrases on the handle-bundle about 5 together and wrap a pretty ribbon around them. Easy housewarming gift. Your stamps would be perfect for something like that. Thank you again. I knew you would have the answer.

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  4. Wa all do that !! When you are in the moment, trying to figure it out, it is easy to not see solutions !! I am still learning the wire wrap too, but getting better ! If you want to get better at the simple loops, make a beaded wire wrapped chain. I have done a few of them now, and it really helps you get the hang of it. If you can do a loop with another loop in it, then doing a loop to put on a chain is a breeze !!!
    I will take your advice and see what I can do with the set I have. I have made some fimo clay pendants I was very happy with !! I was beyond excited when I was telling my husband I wanted some stamp sets a couple of years ago and he said, oh, I have one of those and got it out for me !! I will find some metal to stamp and see what I can do !! Great advice, and it would be fun to make the money to buy them, from using the set I have !!!
    It is fun to help each other !! I got just as good of advice from you, so thank you also !!!
    That spoon idea sounds cute, I will have to look that up !! Thanks !! I do have an alphabet in rubber stamps too !!

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    1. Girl, I have a drawer FULL of rubber stamps! I really need to start using them. I’ll have to try out the beaded wire wrap chain. That sounds really cool! I love bouncing ideas around with you! It gets me hyped up and ready to craft! How is your goal organization/business plan going? Have you done anymore writing on your how to book? I love your Eiffel Tower necklace by the way! Very pretty! Have a great night. Headed to bed. Gotta get up at 4:30 and head to my prison….

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  5. I do too !!! I have a lot of stamps, some are really old but still nice and others are newer, but I have hardly used them in years !!
    Have made progress on the book and I am still working on my plan, I am in the tweaking stage right now, I am sure I will tweak more as time goes on !!
    I love bouncing ideas too, lets so more of that and help each other reach our goals, I love that !!
    Thanks so much, I was so pleased how that necklace came out, so I really appreciate the kind words !!
    lol, I get up an hour later than you, but my husband gets up at 4:15 his regular days and his many overtime days, like tomorrow, he is up at 3:15 so he can come home earlier. I think he is nuts, lol !! It was not that long ago, I was up until almost three am every night, lol !! I was a night owl after our kids were grown, up at nine am and in bed around 2 and sometimes three, things have a changed big time !!! I never though I would be up at 5:30 every day, just because I want to. No place to go, I just like to be on a similar schedule as my hubby. That is as close to his as I will get !! lol !!
    Have a great nights sleep and a good day tomorrow, talk to you soon !!

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    1. Being up before the sun just seems like a sin! I’m a night crafter. My creativity starts thriving at around 8pm-my bedtime. It doesn’t really work. That’s why most of my creations are done on the weekend. I’m SO glad that you are making progress on your projects! I’m always here if you need a nudge. Talk with you again soon. Gotta head to work.

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