New elephant earrings in my shop

I love these elephants and it seems many others do as well. Every item I listed  using these cuties sold out and I ran out of the charms and it took me close to two years to find more.

Here is a set of cute elephant earrings, I have 11 colors to chose from !!


Aren’t they cute ? I love these little guys !! I have to make sure to make myself a pair !!!



I have a lot of colors to chose from !! Blues ,





and other pretty colors.



I will be making some wine charms with them as well. That will be next week !!

this is another project I finished today, not listed yet, but will be next week.


Another set I will finish next week, sold another set close to it a couple of years ago



I used a tiny leaf over the grapes and leaves, just a little extra for some movement !




I will get them finished up tonight, but not sure if I will get them listed. If I do, I will post the listing  here !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “New elephant earrings in my shop”

  1. They are adorable! I love elephants!


    1. Thanks !! I do too and I fell in love with these charms and could not find them anywhere !! I was so thrilled when I finally did !! I bought at least a hundred and I think it was much more than that !!!


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