Beads, too many , too little time !!

I have my work table loaded down again, despite my best efforts to keep it neat !! I am trying to keep the out of control from coming back so it is not as bad as I can be !! It is very hard to create with beads unless you have them out around you and I have too many boxes to do that, so I have to pick a few of the colors I want , in the sizes I want and put them on a tray. Makes creating a lot easier.

I have so many charms and beads I wanted to create some  new wine glass charm sets and I have a bunch designed and will put them together while I talk on the phone. I have some pirate wine charms to finish up so I can get them mailed out next week and a couple of projects for friends I am working on as well. Missing some parts for one, so I have to improvise. They disapeared moving the studio to the room next door, pretty frustrating !!

So, this is what I am up to right now !! I am designing at the moment and once I get a bunch of sets done, I will do the cutting and looping and adding the hoop that hooks each one on the wine glass. I like to design a lot up, and then go back and change anything I do not like and then put them all together !!

Love anything Paris, have a ton of these and fluer de lis charms too , in two sizes !!!


baseball, fun !!! Red, white, blue !!



my halloween charms and some fun elephants with colorful beads !!


I got these gorgeous metal beads in a jar with a bag of other beads and I have no idea where they came from, but they are long , about an inch and a quarter and so very pretty !!



these were in the same jar, and I am going to use them too , I love them !!


want to make some kind of Halloween project out of these lovely glass swirl beads, wanted to pair them with the Halloween charms above, in the picture with the elephant charms, but they did not look right, so I used plain black glass beads.

I love these fun  turquoise skulls. I have to do something with them as well !!



I have some old items I plan to use for some  necklaces , big earrings, will each be a pendant



other pretty pieces that are not so pretty as earrings. I will take them apart and it gives me four pieces to play with !!


this little guy was a key chain, see next picture, and he will be a pendant on a  whimsical steam punk necklace I think !!


I love the little rhinestone eyes he has !!


same day I got him, I picked up these pretties too at the same thrift store, pretty glass beads with spacers and chain, only a buck !!!


plastic, but nice quality, so I can find something to use them for !!


I bought this to both reuse the charm in another piece and as an example of more I can make, not the picture, but overall idea !!





My table is a creative mess !!! You can see my protein smoothy and drinks too, crystal light !! I always have my cup with ice and a refill bottle to keep filling my bottle so I do not have to keep getting up !! My poor little plants are being encroached upon !!!



My friends project. I am figuring out alternatives to the items I misplaced, so frustrating !!



I have so many charms, pendants,  and beads, and I want to see what I can come up with !!! Just so many pretty things to work with !! What I showed in this post are just a fraction of what I have. My bead and charm hoard is enormous !!




Well, off to bead more pretties, will be posting some of these in the next week  as I get them done and photographed , I will post some pictures of the finished products when I get them done !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


One response to “Beads, too many , too little time !!”

  1. Oh Stephie,
    You have an amazing collection.
    I enjoy your posts.


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