Gratitude and appreciation

Normally I post on beading or beads, or something along those lines. Today, however, I wanted to post about something else important to me.

Gratitude and appreciation, as I put in the title.

Today is my husbands birthday and it gave me a chance to realize how much I am grateful for him. He is my best friend, my husband,my love,  the father of our  children and the grandfather to our grand kids. The most important person in my life, and my favorite person in the world. The person I most enjoy spending time with. I never get sick of him or look forward to him going back to work after time off. I enjoy his time at home and treasure every minute of it.  I always look forward to him coming home from work. We enjoy each others company and like spending time together doing all kinds of everyday things. Watching tv, walking through anitque stores or checking out yard sales and thrift stores. We love working on projects together on the house, or in our studio. He is the best man I have ever known and I am grateful every day he is in my life. We will be married for 34 years this November and that is such a gift.

He is selfless, kind, hard working and rarely complains even when he is working tons of overtime to help either us, or one of our kids when they need it. When he does complain, I know he is tired and do my best to make life easier for him . I try to do that every day, but I know the overtime is hard and I like him to know how much I appreciate how hard he works.

I am so grateful to have a man that loves me unconditionally and completely and accepts me exactly as I am, flawed and imperfect. I love him unconditionally as well and would not change a thing about him.

Gratitude is a big thing in my life, I give thanks every day for the blessings I enjoy. Our  beautiful family, our home, the fact he has a good job and we enjoy luxuries like a lovely home, dish network, internet, computer, ipads, iphones and all the modern things we so take for granted. The dvr allows him to watch shows he would have missed when he is at work, it is a wonderful thing to have !!  They are not needs, most of them are wants, and I appreciate every single one of them. Air condioning in the summer, heat in the winter . We have been without both of them, seperately when they broke, we have been two weeks without water while we figured out how to get it fixed, water is a blessing. Not a thing to be taken for granted. Having to fill a dozen gallon water bottles every day at our daughters house, and use her shower, we really appreciate every drop we have that comes out of those faucets.

I think too many times we take a lot for granted and do not realize how lucky we are to have even the simple things in life. So many things that are complete luxuries are considered needs anymore  and we feel they are owed to us. But nothing is owed to us. If we can breath, we are truely blessed.   If we have good health, a home, a job, family and friends to love and who love us, or even most of those things. We are very blessed indeed. I wake up and thank God every day for this new day and all the blessings in it. As a fellow blogger once commented that she had  a dreamy life , I do too, and I so grateful for it !!

So, on this day that is very special to me, I just wanted to share my thoughts on gratitude and just say how lucky I am to have this wonderful man in my life. I am not sure he will ever see this post, but if he does, I want to tell him, I love you so very much !!! You are my  heart !!!  I am so grateful for you and to you, for the life you have allowed me to live , and the great care you have taken of our family from day one.   You gave me my dream to be home to raise our kids and have always supported every dream I have. Thank you so much !! I will always support your dreams too !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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