Dragonflies and amber

I love Outlander. I read the books, and watched every minute of the tv show. I had done one necklace that was in that theme, but could only make one, because it is a piece of glass we found in our back yard. Old glass and metal objects come up on  a regular basis, 90 years ago they buried trash and I suspect they shot at the glass as it is always in small pieces. I do know at one time they had horses on this property and one of the owners kids was known as a cowboy. So, we have buckets of old glass, but this is the only one like this we have found !! Lovely amber color with a leaf pattern in the glass. So pretty !

This is the orginal necklace I did. We finally aquired some vintage amber themed stain glass, but now the stain glass studio is packed up and I am not sure when it will be back up and running . I do hope to make some like this with the vintage amber glass we have found !!


I am quite attached to this piece and will not sell it, but I have other vintage stain glass we can make more of these up from, but just not sure when.

I decided to see what else I could come up with. This is the new necklace inspired by the book Dragonfly in Amber


sorry the jump ring is turned around, easy fix, was just excited to get this posted this morning !!


You can see the dragonfly pattern  in the  actual locket design , and then I added the brass dragonfly charm as well as an amber colored glass faceted bead. I added another glass drop bead on the clasp in a golden amber with a pretty irredescent finish to it. The locket opens but what you put in it, will show through. A picture of Jamie and Claire might be nice and peeking through might be fun.




I also have the same locket in a heart shape. I bought them to do a necklace for a friend, but I have four extra if someone prefers a heart.  They are both about an inch accross. They are petite, and very pretty. Both open the same. From the top.





These will be listed  right after I post this,  in my Etsy shop. Yes, I am staying on Etsy for the time being. I just do not see an  alternative right now, but I am still searching for a better platform to sell on. I will also be sending it to my friend to list on her Creative Artworks website.

direct link to Etsy listing is


At this time, I have enough of everything for four round and four heart necklaces. I will be pricing them at 24.00 which includes shipping and my packaging. I am simplifying my site by offering free shipping on all items. no limit on purchases and this is a permanent change, not a timed sale.

If I find there is an interest and all sell, I will happily order enough of everythign to make more. I want to see how these do first, before I spend more money on materials !!

Thank so much for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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