My new studio , one more time !!

I have moved my studio quite a bit the last few years and when we set up after moving back to this house, we figured we would be set up for a long time.

Things change and in December our son in law was hit by a car while jogging and spent five months recovering, much of it in critical care. We all talked it over and since it will be a while until he can work, he has a job, they are holding his job for him, but he is not able to work yet, so we all decided the best course of action was for them to rent out their home and move in here. So, that is what we just did. We decided to let them have the front bedroom as it is a lot bigger for them to get around around and store what they need , so , we moved our studio from that big front room,  into the smaller middle bedroom. Which actually gave us a lot more wall space with less windows and doors.

So, finally I have my side organized pretty well. Here are pictures I took yesterday !!

This is my work bench, under the window for plenty of light although I only really get morning light, but I have a good lamp on the table too !! You can see our horrible picket fence, we are working on it, but it was not built properly and after 13 years, it is falling down, but it is a work in progress, lol !!


We put the light table for the stain glass in the corner,with a piece of plywood over it for protection,  and then put the desk and work table up to each side, which really worked out well. It filled in that corner nicely !!  If we need to  use the light table down the line, I will just remove the stuff stored on top, but it will be a while until we are using it, the stain glass side is a big mess for now. With overtime and a major kitchen redo in the works, stained glass is not top priority for now !!


The big shelves with all my non beading stuff, my sequins , my fabric, my felt, paints and all kinds of other wonderful things are on this big metal shelf.


I love my LED bead lights, got them at a yard sale a few years ago !!

they light up the blue hand and make it glow a pretty cobalt, prettier in person


they give a fun glow at night, during the day they are still really pretty, but they do not photograph well at all !!


They just make me smile and my husband always makes sure to hang them up for me !!

The light table has a lot of my fun treasures on it as well as stacks of drawers for wire, tools that do not fit in the work table drawer, stamp pads, and just all kinds of things !! Easy to move when needed but keeping them up on the table gives me more work space. At first I had them in the corner of the table next to the light table, but I am much happier having the entire work table free , except where the plants are !!


So, this is the new set up, love my zebra trim on the doors and window trim, we our two daughters had hand stenciled it,  a while back for our oldest granddaughter, when they moved here from Calif and stayed here  a few years until they got settled and moved out on thier own !! I might put a small shelf above the window for some of my knick knack stuff and wine glasses I use for the wine  glass charm displays !! We will see. I hope to , but it might have to wait !! I need my husbands help and he does not have a lot of extra time right now !!! He will happily do anything I ask, but I hate to ask when his plate is so full !!

So, that is my new studio, finally organized so I can work again !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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