Promotion and marketing, getting my jewelry out into the world

I have been going through my Etsy site and figuring out what I want to do moving forward. I have been frustrating and have not known what to do to get my items seen and make sales. I am definately going to be working on my seed bead and sequin work but I do plan to work on the untique pieces I have enjoyed creating most recently. I will always be open for custom orders, I love to make custom orders,  and I am also interested in creating pieces for weddings and even have about a dozen veils a friend gave me that I plan to embellish with beads and sequins.

I have been adjusting listings and changed a few prices and have the sale continuing in my shop. I want to clear out the old inventory and start fresh in the coming months.

Some of the things I plan to include in my shop  moving forward are,

Wedding creations, veils, gifts, jewelry that are all wedding based

untique one of a kind pieces, steampunk, romantic and our stain glass jewelry, and some personalized jewelry

curtain tie backs, dangles for knobs or lamps,

purse hooks,

pieces for  car mirrors

kits to make beaded ornaments and some finished beaded ornaments

unique wine charms using some of the stain glass and other unique and unusual items.

and many other interesting and unique items !!

I love to create too much to ever give up, but I need to work on marketing and getting my pieces out into the world. I am interested in give aways on blogs and wedsites that get really great traffic and look forward to that as I love sharing my pieces and love to get feed back along with getting the exposure I am needing to promote my jewelry. I am always happy to send a piece as a gift  to a blogger for a review and post about my piece, so please refer me to anyone you think might be interested and has the traffic to make it work.
I am always willing to help out another designer as well. I am not that high in traffic yet, but if I can help you , I am happy to help. I never look at jewelry as a competition, if we help each other, we all gain from it !!

My email is if are interested in working with me, I would love to hear from you !!!

Thanks so much, look forward to sharing some projects soon !!



2 responses to “Promotion and marketing, getting my jewelry out into the world”

  1. I wish you the best Stephie, I love your jewellery, you’re very creative. I’m writing new books so hardly had time to blog often. Please don’t give up! Have you thought of setting up an online shop? There are loads of website where you could sell your jewellery online. There’s Shopify, EBay, even Amazon. And setting up a seller’s account is pretty much easy too. I’ll try and mention your blog when next I post, maybe today or tomorrow. Keep at what makes you happy Stephie and in good time, you’ll see returns!
    Much love my friend!
    🙂 🙂


  2. Thank you Seyi, sorry I did not get back to you sooner, my email in box filled up and it took me some time to slog through it all and I had missed this post !!!
    I did look at Amazon but the only seller account I saw was 40 bucks a month, and that shocked me. I will dig a bit and see if they offer anything else, but that was too much for me !! Ebay does not let you set your own shipping anymore, and when I was trying to sell there last year , they lost me money by not letting me set the correct shipping on an order I had and it cost me money so I pulled the rest of my listings. I know people used to charge too much for shipping , but I charge exactly what it costs and they made me take a dollar less which was the only profit I was goign to make on that item as I only had one bid . I used to sell quite well on ebay years ago, but at that time you could set your own shipping costs based on what it actually cost to ship the item to the location it needed to go.
    I willi check out shopify and see what that is about and I am going to be on a friends site again soon, I will share that listing and her site on my side bar and in a post.
    I will look around and see what else is out there. After going through all my items, I am very pleased with them all and know they are deserving of sales, lol !! I want to make some sales and start meeting new customers.
    I appreciate all your kind words and I will be sure to share the post you do, which will also hopefully get some more people to your site, which I will be sure to encourage !!
    Thanks again !!!


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