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I have been struggling for a long time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I have raised four wonderful kids, and have seven equally wonderful grandkids . I am married to the same man for 33 years, father and grandfather of above kids and he really is the love of my life and my best friend.

That part of my life is as good as it gets.

We have a cute little cottage in a small southern town in Texas and we are working to make it cute and more modern as it is 90 years old. My husband has a good job and all the overtime he wants so we are working hard to fix the house and get out of debt over the next few years.

I have been a creative person my entire life. The jewelry started about 26 or 27 years ago. I had years I created more than others, and in the last five or six, I really started working hard on building a business and creating pretty things.

For a while my sales were doing good. I was making some money every month and during the holidays a few hundred a month and I thought it would grow from there.

Not the case.

This year I have had seven sales. A few of those were embroidery kits I listed along with a bunch of last years sales as well.

I have been purchasing some of the prettiest and most interesting materials and making some of the best pieces I have ever made and my sales are falling down to pretty much nothing.

Etsy has changed. Too many sellers selling the same thing. You can not even be sure  your listings will be seen as the amount of listings do not match the pages shown, they show only 250 pages of listings, even if there are three times that many items in that category.

I am going to make one huge change.

I am letting all my listings expire, and then I plan to work with my beloved sequins and seed beads. They are my true passion but both my husband and I had talked about it and figured I should work on stuff that would sell easier.

Once all the listings are gone, I will close that store and rebrand myself. New  name, a logo and new Etsy shop and possibly a new blog, but I will probably just keep this one as my beading blog as I am established here. It is home now.

Well, I am done with working so hard, making so many items I am so proud of , just to have them not sell. We are still going to do some of the stain glass jewelry and some unique one of a kind pieces, later, after our kitchen reno is done,  but I am going to do some unique and interesting sequin projects , ornaments, bridal stuff and I am really excited to make a belly dancing top. Fancy bra basicly that can be worn for belly dancing. Lots of beads and sequins. I hope to make more of them, but will start with one !!

I am going to be putting a 20 percent off sign on my store tonight. NO limit, all you want ot buy for 20 percent off. Whatever does not sell by its expiration date will be left unlisted. A bunch will be expiring in the next week and then on a regular basis through Aug and Sept.

I am not sure if the seed beads and sequins are what I am supposed to do, but I do know until I figure it out, I love to work with them and will have fun and be happy while I figure out what it is I am supposed to do . I just know I am not having fun any more and I want to  have fun and enjoy creating again.

So, if you check out my store, I will have the coupon code at the top of the page by sometime tonight, Wed July 22 so it will be there tomorrow am.  I am  heading over to do that after I post this .

I hope to dazzle you soon with really pretty seed bead and sequin projects like the ones above, a piece I made for one of our grandaughters. A princess crown and one of the angels I love to make for baby gifts, this one was for a friends new grandaughter several years ago.  So, stay tuned for that and thanks so much for stopping by !!!


3 responses to “Being creative and finding your way”

  1. I hope the sell all you want to tonight!

    We follow you because you inspire us with your creations and very few do.

    We have never used etsy since I am very experienced with web developement
    And making a eccomerce site for myself was easy. But I’ve heard the stories about etsy and it’s competitors, do I understand.

    We started out this year selling our jewelry and we did sell a few thousand dollars worth before we decided to have jewelry give aways to help promote our web site.

    That sort of worked but we soon found that giving away jewelry for free has a real positive effect on people. From the first time we had someone cry because they now had a Christmas present for their mother, to making wedding rings for people who couldn’t get a traditional one. People have borrowed entire trays of jewelry to take and sell so they could pay their rent.

    We tell people we are changing the world, one smile at a time. Funny thing is, it seems to be working, at least for the little while we are there.

    So we have now completely removed jewelry from our site, except for a “Jewelry of the month club” offering for people who want to support our mission.

    I’m not sure how our story will help you but I hope it does.

    P.S. the side benefit is that we now make over 300 pieces a week and they all immediately go to people who appreciate them.


  2. I like your idea of working with something you love while you’re “figuring out what you’re supposed to do.” Sometimes being happy and creative leads you to something wonderful. You go, girl, and keep us up on your progress.


  3. It is Sept 1 and somehow missed these comments , I am so sorry !! I got a bunch of mail over a short time and I have been trying to get through it all and this sat unread !! I guess I had not gotten down the page that far, I still have 88 emails even thought I have been going through it, I had 150 at one point, lol !!
    I appreciate all the kind words and enjoyed reading your story. I love to give away jewelry too, I think it is fun. I will always be willing to do that and enjoy it but right now, I just want to sell enough to feel like I am covering what it costs me to do business and make some extra money !! My dream would be 500 plus a month. I know I could do the work to bring that kind of money in, it is just getting my items seen. Unlike you, I have no experience with web site building, but I do have some people that can help me if I decide to go that route. I am not sure how you get the people to your own site either !! I am currently learning about SEO and that is amazing to find out I have been doing a lot wrong. So, that is a big thing I am working on right now. I am working to fill up my shop with all kinds of pretty things, I have so many beads and charms so it is fun to see what I can come up with !!
    Thanks LInda, you know how much your support means to me and I really appreciate it !! I am excited to be selling on your page again too, that is really fun to be back !!
    I hope to really make some changes that bring in business, I need to work on links, I guess that helps your search ratings, I am still learning, but at least have something I can do !! I feel so much better having something I can learn to do !!
    Thanks so much for coming by, and I am sooooo sorry I missed these comments, I LOVE comments, I would have imediately responded had I seen them !!


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