Moving the studio.

We are in the process of rearranging our house for our daughter and her family to move in while our son in law recovers from being hit by an suv while running. So, we are moving our studio to a different room to allow them to have the front bedroom which is bigger and brighter and attached to the front porch along with the front living room they will be using as thiers, we will use the small family room in back for our space. They also have the bedroom accross from the current studio for our three grand daughters so moving us back a room gives them the front of the house and gives us all a bit more privacy even though we are only moving to the room next door in the middle of the house. It has more wall space then this room as it has less windows.

So, I am packing up the studio today and we will be moving stuff over as quickly as they can. The kids living room is full of kitchen cabinets for our kitchen, but as long as they have the two bedrooms we can move them in. They are either renting out thier house or selling it. They are not sure yet.

So, it is like Dominos moving this to here and that to there, but we will hopefully be completely moved in the next week or so. I have not been in my studio for a couple of weeks as we emptied out the kids play room for the new studio and they have been playing in the studio and watching tv in here. We will have to figure out new plans, because Grandma wants her studio back once we are moved !!

here it is currently , these were taken a few months ago. It has changed a bit., but it is very close to this . I am using a black desk that was under the window for my desk, and the table that floated in the middle of the room is now under that window and we have a fold up six foot table for the middle of the room so we can remove it when needed. Our son took the smaller oak desk when he moved out. So, that is the only major change. It is a mess right now as well as I get ready to move.

IMG_1624this big white table is now under the window and that big black desk is now under my bead shelves as my desk. I have a folding table floating in the middle of the room now.



Davids side , some of it, he has under the side window too, but I have no clue where those pictures are right now.



So, as we move, I will take pictures to share. But I have not been working in here for a while.

Not really sure what I will be doing in the future. I am excited to have more exciting projects for my friends rooms and have some projects with a cousin , a bracelet we are trying too do like the one Grace Kelly wears in Rear Window, and a dangle for her dining room, inspired by the previous friends projects, and a heart locket  necklace for a  dear friend, along with finishing up an order of pirate wine charms for a customer who added to an order I already sent her. Another friend needs me to work on some bracelets for her so those things will keep me busy for a while.

Once all those fun  projects are done, not really sure what I am going to do. I have only had a few  sales this year, which is heartbreaking so I am not sure if I am going to be keeping my Etsy store open. I get very few hits and no sales. I am tired of working so hard on pieces I love and I am very proud of ,  to not see them sell. So, not sure what I am going to do in the future as far as my business goes. I have listings that will expire from this month through Sept and as they expire I will not relist them. When all are expired, I will just either leave the shop empty while I think about it, or I will chose up shop until I figure out what it is I want to do. I will always make jewelry but for now, it is for friends, family and established cusomers. I will happily do any custom orders and will be thrilled to send out any other orders I do get before the listings expire. I may close up and reopen under the new name I had picked for the zibbet account. Start completely fresh, that might be best !! I am not happy with the name I have, same as this blog, which will stay the same , but I had picked this name when I was also selling beads and findings .

So, with the house reno and kids moving in and the projects I have lined up, I will be busy for a while. NO new listings to come anytime soon .

I am going to work on my art again, something I have not done in years, I got new drawing and painting supplies, that might be a fun change while I decide what direction to take with the jewelry. I also have some fun projects with wedding veils, sequins, and seed beads. So, it will be a busy and fun year, fwith changes to come later and a move to do for now !! I have some projects lined up and will figure out new ones as they are done.

Thanks for stopping by !!!


6 responses to “Moving the studio.”

  1. I wish you best of luck and hope your daughter’s hubby would get well soon Stephie!


  2. Thanks so much Seyi, I appreciate it. He is doing better every day and can walk with a cane or walker. He will be having a surgery on his knee soon and it will just take time for the nerve damage in his leg to heal, it is very slow healing so it could be a couple of years until he can walk completely normal, but he is alive and doing well and we could be more grateful !! From where he was Dec 6 when he got hit today, he has come an extremely long way !!! We are very proud of him !!


  3. Wishing your son in law all the best with his healing. He is blessed to have such a wonderful supportive family.


  4. You are the best mom and mother-in-law ever, Stephie. You and your husband are so loving and generous. I wish all of you the very best. Thanks for the updates, and I hope you keep me in the loop.


  5. Love how you are sacrificing for your family.


  6. What kinds words from all of you !! We are so proud of him and how hard he is working, we are happy to help, it is just taking longer to get the house ready than we thought it would !!!


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