Working with wire

I have not been working in my studio right now as we are working on our house and I have been busy , however, last time I played in the studio, I worked with some pretty copper wire I had and made a few new things.

a new clasp with some really pretty copper wire. I love making these clasps. I made the jump rings as well.


wine glass charms

I used a beading wire for the clasp, but the wine charm was made from electrical wire that I stripped the wire myself to get to the pretty solid copper wire. I hammered it to make this pretty wine charm !!


I can make them in these different colors.


I made these free form hearts a few years ago, same way, shaped, hammered to give them a pretty texture and to strengthen the piece. I also did the jump rings the same way.


I have not been doing much lately but wanted to touch base. We are working on our house and things are a bit crazy.

We are about to move our studio to another room as well, which is an overwelming job, but we have to do it !! I need to pack up my side of the studio but have not done it yet !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


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