Some new found treasures jewelry !!

I decided I wanted to try to get into a store as we have so many wonderful stores in our town  that sell vintage treasures and many of my things would fit into that category. So I got out some watch parts and had fun making the first one. Not something I would wear personally, but I had fun making it and doing something completely out of my box !! THe second set is exactly up my alley , I love that piece and though I would love to keep it, I will be listing both pieces in my shop after I am done with this post.

The first is more steampunk, but with a twist. Most steampunk does not have sparkly beads, but I know some ladies love a bit of bling in thier steam punk item. Normally I do my steampunk with cobalt blue, but I wanted to do something a bit different becausae not everyone loves cobalt blue like I do.

When I was in high school, we had a yearly production called red and gold. So, I figured, why not use red and gold as my colors ?

So, here is the first set, my Red and  Gold steampunk set !! I will be listing it for $45.00. Buying the old watches is costly and taking them apart, which we do ourselves , is very tedious !!



I used old watch parts, some of them pocket watches, and a vintage dangle from a chandelier in a amber color to match the gold/amber  glass  beads I used. I used gorgeous red glass faceted beads as the other color for this piece. If you look closely at the large silver arm on the piece, I hung a small piece of watch that has a ruby in it, as it was watch with jewel movements in it. There are some pretty etchings and some words in that arm as well.


I added a gear on the front and a second arm for the other side.



I was able to buy a bag with several chandelier dangles recently and this amber one was in it. I thought this was the perfect use for this piece !!



As you can see it is a piece that I used mostly brass, but some silver as well. I added the brass gears to the bottom of the earrings. Everything used on this piece are real watch parts. I do have some of the manufactured fake ones, but they were not used on this set !! The amber round beads are faceted as are the rhondel ones which are a very rich amber. I used two lobster claws to hold it together and of course, to put it on you just unhook one side !! The chain is from an old piece I took apart and all the beads are new beads.





If this set is not to your taste, I will not be the least offended. As a jewelry designer, I have to make things that are not my taste as not everyone loves the same things I do . So, I try to stretch myself , but I need to do it more often !!

If you do not love the above piece, you just might love this one. I do !!!
I used a vintage optomistrist lense and clear beads , and I am thrilled with how it came out !!



I wire wrapped the pendant together and the chain just runs through the top loop so the toggle can be put however the customer wants it !! Up by her neck, behind her neck, or down by the pendant, and I always use pretty toggles and a chamr


I used my favorite beads EVER on this piece. I have them in a lot of different colors, and bought them at Aunties Beads, one of my favorite online stores ! In case you want to check them out and they have no idea I am promoting them, I just love the store,




This bead is a popular shape right now, rugs, tile, throw pillows have this lantern pattern on them !! The vintage lense is very pretty and you can see an opagque area top and bottom , kind of side ways. Not sure what they used it for, but it gives it a bit if extra design !!

My final thing to show you is the jewelry I made for our oldest grandaughters last junior high , and first formal dance. She has a lovely blue dress her Mom, our oldest daughter wore to a dance with her dad, and we picked out gorgeous blues to go with the dark blue dress !! She wanted watch parts, and French stuff and white and clear accent beads, here are the bracelet and earrings, and she completely designed the earrings herself !!


Here is her locket necklace !!



I have had a couple of busy jewelry days, now I am off to list those first two pieces !! THe last piece is being worn tonight for her special night and I cannot wait to see pictures !!

Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your time !!









I would love to hear what you think !!!

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