Beautiful cobalt blue beaded charm bracelet

I love cobalt blue glass beads, they are pretty much my favorite !! I decided to make one of my big charm bracelets and use the cobalt blue with clear and antique brass chain , head pins, and charms.

I start by making up all the beaded charms, this bracelet has 34 links, so I made up 34 charms.



then I line them up along the chain until I like how they look.



Once I move them around until I have them where I want them, then I start putting them on the chain














below is a charm I made that is a blue version of a crystal ball charm I had seen somewhere !! Lots of rich charms and colors. Rhinestone spacers. Lots to see !!


Next to the large glass heart you can see a metal bead. I took two large bead caps and sandwiched a large blue glass bead in the middle. Mkaing a pretty metal bead with blue peaking out.


This was a fun one for me to make !! I love the rich cobalt blue combined with the clear beads for some added sparkle and the rich antique brass. It is a really rich and fun bracelet. I plan to list it today in my shop !!

Thanks for stopping by !!







I would love to hear what you think !!!

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