Working on some pretty bracelets !!

While working on my custom order, I have been making some pretty charm bracelets. I made a white bridal one, and now I just finished and posted a purple one. Both are available in my Etsy store.

It takes me a while. I gather the beads,  charms, and findings ,in the colors and finishes I plan to use. Then I get out my bracelet blank and make one charm per link. The bracelet blanks I am using for these have 34 links, so I make 34 charms. I used pretty glass and metal beads, occasional nice quality acrylic beads and charms.

The white and clear tray I will keep set up as I will use this tray for most of my sets. Either white, clear , or both.


I used a good amount of what I had on the purple tray, a clear got put there by mistake as well, but I will put them away and get out my next color.


I make them all up and then lay them out and them move them around until I like the order I have them in and then I start hooking them on the links one by one in the order I have laid them out.

























I am going to be making a cobalt blue one with antique brass next. I love that combo of rich antique brass with the rich deep cobalt blue. One of my favorite combos to work with !!

here are some of the ones I made and sold over the years.

jewerly 313

one of my favorites and I made some wire starts to add on and was happy but sad when it sold !!!

jewerly 342


this one was just beads, but three per charm.

more bracelets Aug 2011 060

pinks and purples

jewerly 372


jewerly 382


this looks like a black and white picture but it is just a black and clear bracelet, custom order, on a white back ground, so it looks like a black and white, but was taken as a color picture !! You can see the prayer box charm at the bottom looks silver

jewerly 2465

I believe this was the first one I made and sold !!

Jewelry for sale Aug 2011 009

One of th ree autumn bracelets I made and sold



custom order from the customer that bought the above one, she asked for purple and green be added to the piece. jewerly 1064

I gave her two choices  and she picked the bottom one

Sept jewelry 2011 011


Sept jewelry 2011 032


purple with the antique brass

jewerly 968


tigers eye chips and a brown stone for the round bead. Still have it. Need to relist it.

Sept jewelry 2011 062

a smaller version, I called it a fiesta bracelet because of all the bright colors !! All tiny beads, much more petite than the others.

jewerly 2468



I love creating these bracelets and especially love custom orders.  I can do pretty much any color !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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