Mom necklace giveaway

I am giving away one of my Mom necklaces to a lucky winner !! This necklace would make a great mothers day gift , or just be a fun gift to yourself as well !!

You start by choosing either your last intial or the number of kids you have, and then I will use beads in each of thier birthdstones. I used our four kids in both examples here !! I just used my first intial for this picture, it should have been my last initial, but it is just for display !! If you have one kid, you can always do thier first intial and thier stone. If you are not done with your family, a last intial and the birthstone beads might be best so you can add to it later !!






To enter, check out this wonderful site !!  Be sure and look around after you enter the contest, they have great content for Mommies !!!


Also, I would love it if you would stop by and like my new facebook page !! I think it might be something you do for an entry in the contest, so check out the contest first !!


Thanks for stopping by !! As always, I really appreciate it !!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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