Wire wrapped , red and copper !!!

I have been working on this piece for weeks. I would work a bit, put it down, work a bit, put it down. I need new glasses so my eyes get very tired, so for now, I have to work and stop and work and stop. I will get glasses as soon as an issue in one of my eyes is resolved, and it keeps me from getting glasses which is so frustrating !! I hope things clear up soon, I really need my new glasses !!

I had purchased online, a couple of years ago, a bunch of beaded pendants. I could make these pendants but it was a good price and they were pretty and I bought them. Most have sequins, which also expains why I purchased them, my absolute love of sequins, and two did not.

A few weeks ago, they caught my eye and I wanted to figure out what to do with them. I looked at the ones without sequins and got an idea to roll one up,  use copper wire to hold it and make it decorative somehow. Once that was done, I decided to make a beaded , wire wrapped chain. It took weeks, but here it is, I am so pleased with it. I have it on Etsy, I am still deciding , lol, so it is on Etsy and I will put the link to the actual listing at the end of the post,



I used several gauges of wire on this piece, but had so much fun. I love copper and I am starting to use more of it. I could have put a chain on this, or a cord, but the copper with the red , cherry red, glass beads , just appealed to me.



I also made the clasp as well, then hammered it for strength and looks, here are some pictures of my work table as I worked on this piece




here is the back side of the piece, not as good showing of the color, but wanted to show how I held it together !!


Just starting the chain, I had NO idea how much work it would really be !!!


almost there !!!




first ring was too small for the hook, so I had to do it again, good news, I have a really pretty connector for another project !!


Here are some more shots of the piece itself, the beads are so pretty , gold and red and irredescent glitter !!


my clasp, I really like how it came out, and love the look of the pretty copper wire !! I made the jump rings too !!





To view this listing, you can go to


IF the link is not working, you might have to copy and paste it, but that is the actual listing link.

Thanks for stopping by and here is a pretty picture I took that has nothing to do with beading , that I took  of our blue berry plants , tiny white flowers, I just thought they were so pretty !! Spring is so beautiful !! My camera and I are not apart much this time of year !!



4 responses to “Wire wrapped , red and copper !!!”

  1. I love the copper and gold together, and that clasp is pretty enough to be a pendant itself!


    1. *sigh* copper and *red*


  2. Beautiful piece, I particularly love the handmade clasp.


  3. Thanks so much to both of you !!! I was pretty proud of that clasp !!! The copper wire is just stunning so it made it easy to make something pretty !! I have done a few in silver wire and they are nice, but not like that copper, I agree, red and copper, wow, that is why I HAD to make this piece !!!


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