Buried Treasure, lovely glass found to repurpose !!

I called this post buried treasure because that is exactly what this piece is !! Buried treasure !!

We live in a 90 year old gingerbread cottage in a small southern town that we purchased 13 years ago. Ever since we moved in, my husband has been finding treasure in the back yard. Bits of pottery and glass, old spam rolls , pieces of bits from horse tack, all kinds of fun stuff, but mostly glass and pottery. We have a big bucket of it from 13 years of him finding it, literally popping up through the ground after a rain.

I honestly thought he was making it up, teasing me. But then he took me around and showed me pieces of pottery and glass literally coming up from the ground. I went out in the yard prior to writing this post, just to see what I could find and these are the ones I found !!




the after I pulled it out shot was blurry, but it was sitting right on top of the ground so I did not have to pull it out. There are actually two in this shot I collected !!





this is my haul for today !!! Just a few pieces, and a small thin one that was actually plastic, but I still put it in the picture !!



None of these pieces are very special, only one has any color. But over 13 years we have gotten some lovely ones and a huge volumn of them overall !! I put some of my favorites in this dish a while back , some purples and whites and patterns. You will find the same thing all over the yard, and we have been told they did target practice out in our back yard way back when, so that could why so many small fragments and the same dish or pattern over a large area !! This is just a few pretty pieces . From what we understand, the purple glass once once clear but turned purple with age and sun. Not sure if that is true of this purple, but it makes sense. It is a very pretty shade !! We have a lot of hunks too, they might have burned thier trash, which would explain what looks like hunks of glass in purple and clear.


these are other pieces we picked out that we want to do something with.


I had put copper foil on this next one, but too narrow a piece, so I have to retape it, you can see a glimmer of the copper tape on the upper edge !!



this one is ridged



we have a few of this orange glass !!















David loves these bottle tops and is determined to figure out a way to copperfoil them. It may take a combination of copper foil and wire wrapping to make them usable !! I love this gorgeous cobalt blue piece !! This is a scuff done the front, but I told David, beads will hide that , lol !!


So, here is our first piece. He picked it and copper foiled it and I did the rest. I love it. It will be hard to let it go !!


I love the color and pattern of the glass. I sure we can find more of this pattern in our searches !! He also  used a stain for solder to give it a darker hue, not so shiny silver, it just did not suit this rich color of glass !!






I will be listing this in our Zibbet shop, IF I decide I can let it go !! I really love it, but I know I cannot keep every piece. This one is just very special though !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!





I would love to hear what you think !!!

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