New pieces in my shop !!

I added a few new pieces in my new Zibbet shop today !!! They are all different and I stil have a few more to list but wanted to get the first few in the store and share them with you !! I had so much fun making them !!!

This first one is a very steampunk inspired piece. I romanced it up with the cobalt beads, but I used watch parts and keys and all kinds of brass pretties to make this unique and interesting piece !!





I found some wonderful glass tags online and used a lovely blue one for this next one of a kind , Paris inpired piece !!





I love reds so I had to make one with these pretty red beads and my fellow blogger friend, The dancing professor should recognize one of these pretty red beads !!! Thanks again, I love my new pretties !! there is a lot of shadows, but the long thin connector is antique brass and I got it recently from Turkey !!


It is not black, it is antique brass, I will have to retake these !!!



I have a bunch more to list, and will add them in a post as I do  !!

My store address is below and to the side, if you wish to look at the listings, there are a lot more pictures and close ups and a full description of each item !!

Thanks so much for stopping by !! I cannot wait to share my other new pretties tomorrow !!!










I would love to hear what you think !!!

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