Our art glass studio

My husband worked hard the last couple afternoons after work to get the stain glass area of our studio put together and organized. He did a great job. He has had some fun signs from our kids he never got to hang up before, put up above his bench and found all the stuff he was looking for and got his bench put together.


He found all his lead and put it up on top of the big glass shelf, hung our old under the counter radio we took out of  our rental house  because our Daughter and husband who are renting it, did not want it, and it works great ! We had it blasting classic rock last night while we worked in here and it was really fun !!

We got our first few pieces listed and a piece sold, so that is pretty exciting !! We both have so many ideas and now that it is all set up, we can spend the time we have when he is home from work, actually creating now !!

These are our first copper foil stained glass listings in our new store. Really pretty emerald green with a vintage green glass bead off of an old piece of jewelry I took apart a few years back !!


My husband cut out this pretty shape from rich cherry red glass and added a leaf charm, after he copper foiled it, both for decoration and to use the loop on the top for hanging this piece from the chain !! I used a pretty vintage glass AB bead from an old piece of jewelry I took apart for the charm on the toggle


My husband cut this out free hand and copper foiled it. the glass is so pretty with the irredescent shimmer and I added clear AB crystals to the toggle for this one !!



I have this one to list, and had toyed with making a beaded pink chain for it, but decided against that and will just do a chain and beaded charm like above



reason being, I made this pendant out of a beaded flat piece I had bought and then rolled and held it together with copper coils I made, and I decided I wanted a beaded red chain. Really pretty, but I am only half done and have a long way to go. Decided not to do that on the above piece , just too much work and I would have to charge too much for the piece.

I have two of them, and that is what the rolled one looked like before I started.





the copper wire with the rich cherry red glass beads is striking. Just id not realize how much work it would be , especially since I got the bright idea to wire wrap each bead, not just link them, which would have been so much easier !! DSCN0393MA29869060-0011


I have a bit of straightening to do on some links, but I will do that when they are all done. I am still perfecting my wire wrapping skills, but this is great practice !!  I love the combo of the rich red and copper wire. It is so pretty !! DSCN0423

so, I will do a nice chain on the pink and black piece and a pretty charm on the toggle clasp. I had  to finish the piece a friend bought, and send it off to her. I am so excited !!

I love when I know the person buying my pieces, it is fun knowing where they are going !

Here is her finished piece, she can move the toggle to the back, up a bit or wear it next to the  pendant , which I am seeing a lot on jewelry now a days !!



I Hope she loves it !! It is one of our first pieces and I was thrilled how it came out !! Black and clear glass with vintage chandelier drops !!

Well, got some more pieces to design today. I will be sure to share what I am up to !!

Thanks for stopping by !!





I would love to hear what you think !!!

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