Lots of pretty glass !!!

As we have been getting the stain glass side of our studio set up, we went though some boxes that have not been opened in  years and found so many pretty things !!

We found a box of glass that had paperwork dating from the 70s and the glass was older, and some appeared to be from doors. just old glass this guy  had harvested back then to make projects. It is all so pretty and we were thrilled to find it, we had forgotten all about it. Perfect for jewelry as it is all small pieces !! This is just the stuff I cleaned up, we still have a tin can and a box full of a lot more of it.






this cobalt piece is really thick, you can see the edge of it, not normal stain glass, it is a stunning color !! IMG_0418MA29869060-0003

David thought these would be no good because they are so aged, obviously spent time outside, but I told him NO !! They are perfect for our treasure jewelry !! The aging makes them even more beautiful !! The colors are so rich and pretty, yet soft and worn at the same time !!


This emerald green is so pretty !!!


You can tell this is a piece out of a door. Do you remember those doors in the sixties and seventies where the top of the door was all colored squares of glass ? This was obviously a piece from a door like that or an older window that had the clear glass in the center but squares of color around it. There is wear around the  edges where it was in the window.


love this , kind of root bear float looking, with the whites and browns


the blue striped is so pretty and this clear has a frost on the window effect !!


we have a lot of pieces of the striped green and brown, close to a square all combined, so pretty !!! Each piece is so different and I cannot wait to make some of these pretty pieces into jewelry !!


some have more tan or brown and some have more green but they all have both brown and green in them !!



I know when we got it , it was at a yard sale, and the entire box plus he instructions they had with it, was only five bucks. all this glass plus this full pizza box, this is the stuff I did not get to wash up yet, I have no idea what is in the bottom of this pile in the pizza box !!


and this full size  coffee can, David took it out of the open box it was in and put the smaller pieces in the can and the bigger ones in the pizza box, the stuff on the table is what I managed to get out to clean before he was done, lol !!



I have no clue what is in the can and the box, exept for what I can see, but there looks to be a lot more pretty treasures in both !!

We also found a panel he started and never put together


all we remember is it was a frilly Victorian style but we lost the pattern so he is going to use the pieces to make jewelry. Soft blues and peaches and soft pinks. We can make some pretty necklaces from the pieces !!

We have another can of goodies, but I had those on the table earlier and have pictures , they are all scraps from projects he did over the years he was working on glass. This is what he used to make all the new pieces he made this past week !!



This necklace was made of black and white squares you can see above,  from a  NASCAR sign he made as his second piece ever. His teacher thought he was nuts. But he took to stain glass like a duck to water and actually had a friend order one, and made a second NASCAR sign and sold it to him . He had cut out the orginal squares for the flag on both sides the wrong size, so these squares are the ones he could not use.


This sign is on a shelf, took the best picture I could of it and it is dusty and and smudged from dust, but you can get the idea. The Texas flag panel next to it, is one of our designs, it is about a foot, we designed it to go into a door we had at the time that had a diamond window in the top, door is long gone, and panel never went into the door, we ended up selling that one and he made me another because I loved it so much !! I want to get these two pieces in our other two windows of the studio  so we can enjoy them !! We have two of his pieces in the two front windows already !!


the colors are so rich and pretty on both pieces . The NASCAR is about 15 years old, and the Texas one is about 12 or so years old. I love them both. The NASCAR has the flag on both ends, but the one end is hidden behind the flag, it is a really long piece as it has the rainbow like strips before the words. He just wanted to logo in glass for his own use. It is a perfect NASCAR logo, once we get it cleaned and hung up I will take more pictures. It is really detailed and pretty !!



So, we have scraps from all his projects, some we sold, and some we still have !! All those scraps are perfect for what we are doing now. He has a lot of full pieces of glass as well in every color you can think of,  on his big shelf. I cannot wait to see what we come up with next !!

I love looking at the glass every bit as much as I love looking at my beads !!!! They are both sparkly and pretty, and glass !!!

thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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