New Online shop. Zibbet not Etsy.

I have officially give up on Etsy. After spending hours looking for my listings it became very clear that when you search, they only put up the first 250 pages of items. They said for the search hand made necklaces, there were over 50 thousand results, but they only showed 12, 000 of them. 250 pages , 48 per page. I . looked. at . every. single. page. It took me four hours and none of my necklaces showed up until page 37 and then nine of them were between 37 and 50 and three of them never showed up at all.

Etsy is too big and it is almost impossible to be seen anymore. So, I am done. I have not had any views lately and sales have crawled to a stop.

I have not removed my stuff, but it is all listed in the new store now.

here is our new name.

Treasures Found Glass Art Jewelry.

here is why we changed it and why I am saying WE, instead of me.

My husband has joined me and is making gorgeous copper foil stain glass pendants for the shop. Here is what he has done so far.

I had piled some scraps of glass on top of each other to see how they looked and he picked a few of them and put them together for me,



here is the first one. I love it. It looks like an envelope, or a purse. I love  pink and black. I plan to add a beaded chain with pink and black beads.



David added a chain to see how it looked hanging. I love it !!



this is a bright cherry red. the picture does it no justice at all. he used the charm as the loop for the jump ring, soldering it onto the glass he had copper foiled. I love the interesting shape. This one is a small one too !! Almost looks like a square apple , lol !!


This is the first one listed. Only one listed so far ! It is an irredescent piece of glass in a twist pattern, He did it free hand with the cutting tool !! I have it on a simple chain and added a toggle clasp and beaded charm I made .



one he just picked two scraps he had and put them together , a rich deep green and a white and clear swirled glass




this pictures bugs me, it is actually flat, but looks weird in the picture. he added some vintage chandelier drops to this one.


you can see it is flat, lol !!




This was his first piece, I think it is stunning !! We are not sure if we will sell it or  not, as it is his first piece !! A lovely collar type piece, black and white squares. I LOVE IT !!


I am so happy with how the pieces are coming out and thrilled he is working with glass again !! It is really fun to be working together and we hope to get a lot more done on his days off !!

So, please check out OUR new shop at zibbet, it is like Etsy before it got too big. Has a lot  better features and is a lot cheaper once we get big. You can list and sell for free  all the way up to 8 bucks a month. Very nice. I chose 8 bucks a month for unlijmited listings I hope it does not grow as fast, I think a lot of artists got lost on Etsy.


Thanks for stopping by !!


3 responses to “New Online shop. Zibbet not Etsy.”

  1. that sucks. i have searched for my boyfriend’s listings and i couldn’t find them either. wth?


  2. It is very frustrating, but I am giving Etsy another chance along with doing zibbet and we will see which does better !!! I do know tags are so important so I am printing out a bunch of stuff on how to boost your views and sales on Etsy. I will share what I learn, and if it helps !!!


  3. WOW, I can’t even imaging thousands of listings for handmade Jewelry, I’m starting Handmade Jewelry Marketplace and the only thing I have 1000s of are bots trying to hack the site before it is even officially launched (literally about 5,000 bot hit my security every hour)

    Good luck!


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