Mothers necklace, my own new take on a classic piece of jewelry



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I love the scrabble tile necklaces out there, and planned to make a few for the fun of it. But then , while going through my stuff, I found some pretty cool number tiles !! I decided to make my own twist on  Mothers jewelry !!

I am using a number tile for how many kids there are for that mom, or grandma, and then I went through my pretty large bead hoard and found 8 mm beads, all the same size and shape to use for the birthstones and matched them up as well as I could , so I can hang the number of kids beads birth stone tile, to match the number of kids on the tile !!

What fun,  and something a bit different than the usual mother jewerly !! I used myself in the picture. Four kids, and used a blue for  Sapphire for September , red bead for  garnet for January,  light pink for June, but I can also do a pearl as June has more than one birthstone and then a goldish tone for Novemeber, Topaz. They are not perfect matches but are inspired by the birthstones and a lot of fun !!

I used a really gorgeous antique brass chain and I am making them 28 inches long unless requested otherwise. I am including the first four birthstones in the price and only a dollar more per extra bead up to nine. After nine, we have either make a number on a blank scrabble tile or the customer can choose to use thier last initial instead, and can do that for any order at no extra charge !!

Her e is what I did today to make the first piece , I had a lot of fun and I am very excited about these necklaces !!!

I gathered all my materials AFTER going through all my boxes of beads and picking out a shape and size of bead and then finding 12 matching ones for each birth stone !!




all of them are black on one side and red on the other !!


pretty antique brass filigree squares, they took a while to find in the right size, but I finally did !!


got a great deal on some stunning antique brass chain that I love !!


I have more coming, but for now, I have these lovely toggle clasps that hook in front and the beads on hook onto the loop !!




here I show the pearl loose, I used the light pink for June, but Pearl can be used as well. June is my own birthstone as well and I have always had a hard time getting a stone, it is usually a pearl, or a pink stone as Alexandrite is a rare , unusual , and expensive stone and not really an option !!


You can see the red letter in the back, for anyone that bothers I can always color the black over it, but being in the back, it really should not be a problem for most people !!


















I would love to hear what you think !!!

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