Rose quartz necklace and earring set


This rose quartz  necklace , and  earrings set, in a vintage style ,are my newest addition to my shop. Hand made today with beautiful rose quartz beads !!!

I have had these beautiful rose quartz beads for years. Many years. They are a very soft pink, very light color  and very pretty. I have wanted to do something with them for a very long time and finally saw a very old piece of jewelry from the 30’s or 40’s that inspired me to create this piece. I added earrings which I will show in another picture.

I am so in love with antique brass findings , and chain. The richness of it makes anything you pair with it just stunning. So, I decided to pair these lovely stones with the richness of the antique brass to show them off.



My rose quartz beads, these are my big 25 mm and my 10 mm , you can see some jump rings at the bottom of the picture, I used a lot of those as well !!


Chain, antique brass, I love the deep rich color of this chain. The link is delicate and pretty !!


I love , love, love, these rhinestone spacers !! I really like them in silver, but I love them in the antique brass !! I b ought two sizes at the bead market when we went recently !! I wish I had bought more !!!


bead caps, huge and regular size, so pretty and really add design to a piece


I posed the set on the open pages of a 1938 copy of Gone With the Wind !! I used the book with another old book for the top picture, I love the way old books look !!!










On many of my pieces I add a little charm to match on the clasp just add a bit of detail to that area !! It should all be pretty !!!




If you are interested in owning this lovely set , it is now in my Etsy store listed for 38.00 for the set . All hand mad with love , by me !!!

for my readers , use coupon code BLOGREADER ,  one word , all caps, to get 10 percent off this item or any item in the store , as my thank you for taking time to read this post !!


Thanks so much for stopping by !!! I always appreciate it !!










2 responses to “Rose quartz necklace and earring set”

  1. Thank you !!! You are very inspiring to me !! I Have had a ton of stone beads for years and watching you do so many amazing things with your stone beads has encouraged me to get my stones out and start playing with them !! I was a bit intimadated by stone, but I am having fun and starting to pick up more now that I am getting more comfortable with them !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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