New creations for my shop !!

Vintage key jewelry, rose quartz jewelry, a vintage miners tag necklace. Just a few of the new additions to my Etsy store !!

I have been picking up some interesting and fun pieces and had a wonderful time  today making some one of a kind necklaces for my Etsy shop !!!


they are listed in my etsy store at


If you like what you see, please use coupon code BLOGREADER , one word, all caps, for 10 percent off your purchase in my store, just for being a reader of my blog !!

Here is what I made and listed today. I listed them all for $32.00  each. ! 10 percent off that price with the coupon code above.


rich antique brass chain , rose quartz bead, 25 mm and a gorgeous antique brass rhinestone crown charm !!





I made the focal bead for this piece



The next one is really neat. I scored some vintage brass miner tags. The miners each had thier own tag that they hung up when they went in the mine and removed as they left for the day. That is how they kept track of who was in the mine. I loved this one the most, it has the most pantina on it, but they are all wonderful !! I have mentioned before how in love with the scalloped beads I am, here is another use of them. love it with the vintage brass !! the rhinestone spacer looks pink but is all clear stones, but my pink camera reflected in it !! same with the  beads, they are clear and sparkly, NO pink.


I love the engraving. It says HOLMES 45





This rose was a key chain, but now it is a pretty necklace , which suits it much better honestly !!



another key nekclace, I LOVE these old vintage keys !!



I had scored a bunch of glass tags. I picked one and make a fun necklace out of it







So, that is what I have been up to today. I am tired now. My eyes have had it. I have to get better lighting in the studio !!

I hope you will check out my new inventory, my shop is down to well under 20 things although a few of the old pieces will be added back and a few will be reworked and added back, but a majority of my inventory will go back to the bead bins so I can reuse them again.

I just added seven more bins, yes, bead market was in town. I will post on that later !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!



2 responses to “New creations for my shop !!”

  1. This reminds me – in my recent sorting and cleaning, I came across a mess of blue-green glass (?) beads (round and seed) and some painted wood beads. If you’re interested, email me your address (thedancingprofessor@gmail) and I’ll send them your way. In any case, it’s always lovely to see what you’re to 🙂


  2. How exciting !! Thank you !! I will email you tomorrow !! That is so nice of you !!


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