Some new things !!

My hubby has been doing stained glass for years . He has never done anything but panels, and some smaller copper foil pieces. I asked him to help me make jewelry and he said ” okay ” . So, we decided the best thing was to just jump in and do something and give it a try. So, being that I am going to be starting on a Barblie themed project soon for a friend ? customer, we figured we would try out one of her pictures and see how it came out. Being the first ever, we were a bit leery it would come out decent, but it did !!

We did not do a back image, and we did not cut the slide to a different size. We just used the slides the way they came and had some fun !! We wanted to make a connector for some dangles I am going to be doing soon.

Here is our finished piece. It is hooked onto a wine charm hoop that has seed beads on it, left over from all the purple dangles I made. We will be putting these on hoops too, just not purple. I wanted my friend to see how it would look .




The back  has no picture, something we will do differently on the next one. We knew this was a practice one so we were not concerned with doing it perfect, just getting the idea and learning how to do it.

On this one you can see the image coming through, we will do the next one with an image on both sides and a piece of paper in between !!



My husband did the entire pendant and I observed !! He was not used to working with such tiny components. The jump rings took him some time, but he got it down. Just learning to do things much smaller !!



than I had copper foiled a piece of vintage glass from the back yard but I did not tape it right so I have to redo it. We knew it was not right but I just wanted to practice so I will pull it all off, retape it correctly and do it again !! I left a small space where the tape ended and made the mistake of ending it on a corner which made it hard to fix.

It will be just beautiful when I redo it !!

I did it all but the jump ring !! I let him  handle that !!! here is a shot of each side. I will tear it all off and will redo it, but I love how it looks !! I just am disapointed I had ended the tape wrong !!! The soldering was pretty easy and I enjoyed it. I am very excited to be learning something new !!!




So, that is our new trick !! I have so many ideas and things I want to try !!

Thanks for stopping by !!








2 responses to “Some new things !!”

  1. Oooh I have been wanting to try this!! I’ve been researching materials I’d need to get……which includes a soldering iron LOL
    But I hit a snag that maybe you or your hubby will know the answer to. I want to use lead free solder wire (coz of the health concerns of lead on skin) but it all seems to have an inner core of flux, unlike regular solder wire.
    Does this mean you dont need to use a separate flux?


  2. My husband said , no, no , no !! The flux core solder is for electronics , you want the lead free without the flux in it !! We got ours at Hobby Lobby !! I used a 40 percent off coupon as it was 29.00 for the spool !! We use liquid flux , he keeps some in a small jar , baby food jar , to make it easy to put the brush in !! He said the lead free is a bit harder to use than regular solder , it is harder to melt ,but we did ok with it !! I am happy to answer anything I can , I am happy to share as I learn !! You should do it !! It is really fun !! Let me know when you do !! We can encourage each other !!!😃


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