Jack of all trades, master of none !

I am not sure if many other beaders, or creative people have the same problem as I do, but this title accurately describes me.

I always love to see what other artists are doing and I am constantly amazed at the wonderful pieces I see when I am looking around.  So many artists have one thing they do and do very well. They take it to a true art form !!

My problem is, I have not found that ONE thing I love more than anything to get really proficient at. I love beads. I love sead beads, stone beads, wood beads, glass beads,  hand made beads, metal beads, any kind of beads !!!  You get the picture. But, the problem is, you can do so many kinds of work with beads.

Here is a variety of my work

some gorgeous dangles I created with the help of a friend, she would tell me what beads she liked and I would create the dangles for her. We created a wonderful selection, this is just four of them. We made some much bigger then these . We are about to do two more rooms, I loved doing these projects and I am excited to work with her again in the coming weeks. These were to put on curtain rods !! One set per window. this was our light set  and dark set.


a hand beaded and sequined ornament for one of our grandaughters. I love sequins , even more than I do beads, or at least as much, and love doing this kind of work. I used all different sizes and shapes of sequins to create this piece and even did detail on the back to cover the knot






I have been making these beaded angels for friends and family for 20 years. Our oldest son always carried one on his deployments and my hubby and I and most of our kids want them hanging in thier cars. I have done so many, but here are a few I have done.


For a friends Grandaughter

angels 009

our sons army deployment angel


each side is different


the colors he picked for his silver pick up



I love doing the seed bead fringed earrings, I can do a set like this in about an hour and a half to two hours depending on how fast I want to work !!




I love making all kinds of seed bead jewelry, I made this twenty years ago, one earring is gone now,


jewerly 2719

one of three hand beaded without a loom barrettes  I made twenty plus years ago and sewed onto doe skin

jewerly 1954

I love making hand made beads out of recyled materials. This Barbie bead was made out of tin foil candy wrappers and pictures I printed out online. I have a Barlie project coming up and wanted to try something out !! Not a great bead, too much glitter, but for the first try, not bad. Looks pretty in person !!

DSCN9440key cha

simple things like keychains,and purse hooks , and cell phone charms


wire wrapped pendents and connectors



traditional stuff



jewerly 1431

Hand painted, hand cut out felt pins,

jewerly 2447

jewelry made  from recyled jewelry



steam punk , I LOVE steam punk !!!!

jewerly 2457




wine charms , this is the set that inspired the purple tassle sets !!!



polymer clay


Polymor clay blog post 12-3-12 002



Beaded charm bracelets , I think I made about 12 of these in different colors !!! I only have one left, they all sold over time.


jewerly 310



more bracelets Aug 2011 038

Jewelry for sale Aug 2011 009

I also love making denim paper , this pepper pin was one of my two first sales on Etsy, both to a lady in Paris , France !! That was a very exciting day !!!

jewerly 1639


I still have this one, could not part with it !!!

pumpkin pin 2


I could go on and on. I just love to do some many things that I am scattered I think !! This is not counting the fact I am starting copper foil  and stained glass pendants this week, and really want to try my hand at the resin jewelry.

I wish I could have stations set up for different kinds of work , I have so many things I like to do , painting, stamping, both metal and actual paper stamps for cards, etc, and beading and working with the clay, and it goes on and on !!! I have to make room for a drill press to make some beads out of game pieces, so it is one thing after another.

Does anyone else have this problem ? Do you have to settle on one thing and become very good at that one thing , or can you be good at many things ? Is it counterproductive to want to do so much , or is it just part of being a creative person ?

I sometimes feel overwelmed and do nothing !! How do you handle this and make being creative easier when  you like doing  a lot of different things, IF you do not have space to set up a lot of different things at once.

Thanks for stopping by !!!


3 responses to “Jack of all trades, master of none !”

  1. You’re genius Stephie, I love all your beads, they’re all gorgeous! I think most people have this same problem and like you said, sometimes, it’s easier to get overwhelmed and do nothing. When you realise you’re been swamped with creative stuff, just take a breather; do something frivolous, read a book, go shopping or watch a film. Just take time off your project, next time you go back, you’ll be better and produce quality work. At least that’s what I do.


  2. Wow, you do a lot of stuff!!! You really are so creative. I only do one thing, my jewellery, but I do however have tubs and tubs of projects on the go…which can completely paralyze me through indecision!! 🙂


  3. Great advice Seyi, and I agree, distraction often helps the situation !! I need to do that more , I would probably be more productive in the end , lol !!
    Well, Tracy, that is the problem. I want to do it all, and end up doing little for that same reason !! I want to get more into polymer clay, and have only dabbled in it,and as a kid, clay was my favorite thing to play with !! I just need to start concentrating on something and sticking with it for a while !! Right now , my hubby and I are working with stained glass , making pendants, lol !! So, onto yet another way to create !!


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