Recyling jewelry is a lot of fun !!

Today I created a new necklace and earring set from old pieces I had and took apart and new beads, including one of my favorite new scalloped beads, so nice !!

This was the piece I started with !!!






I took it completely apart and added in the sections of blue beads on the chain and then took apart the tassle and added a blue scalloped crystal and a metal bead with rhinestones in it,  from another piece I took apart, but forgot to photograph and when I was done, this is the result !!!














I am very pleased with how this piece came out and I am really excited to try it again. I have another spectacular vintage necklace I plan to take apart and use for other projects. This is what it looks like, so many possibilities !!


the quality and detail are just stunning !! It has one bead that is ruined but other wise it is lovely !!


look at the detail on that chain !!! It is stunning  and all sorts of gold beads on it.  I cannot wait to see what I can come up with when I take it apart !!!



So, the next project will come from this necklace, and it will make a lot of projects, it is a huge piece. I have another one too I can use with it, same gold color !! lots of chain !!!


I will be sure and post what I come up with  !!

Thanks for stopping by !!




3 responses to “Recyling jewelry is a lot of fun !!”

  1. I love using old jewelry too, Steph. We are really sisters with different mothers.

    Love your new jewelry….hope you get lots of sales.


    Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 00:21:51 +0000 To:


  2. i have a bunch of old stuff that i wanna re-work into new pieces too. if i ever stop painting my nails for a sec, maybe it could happen!


  3. I agree Bonnie, I wish we lived closer !! We would have so much fun !!!
    Jacqui, you should do some pieces !! I know you love to do your nails though, it is your passion,and you are very talanted at it, but you could maybe make jewelry and then do nails inspired by your pieces and post about both !!!! I would love to see those posts !!! ,


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