Bead, small and large !!!

I have been busy shopping lately and I have to stop, lol !! I love my beads and I have done a bit of online bead shopping the last couple of weeks. I am gearing up for some major work, and excited to get started and have a few th ings left to come, but this is what came today !!



I ordered from my two favorite bead stores, Aunties Beads, and Lima Beads. Both have amazing quality and I think the prices are very good. Aunties beads allows you to submit your own price, so I submitted a sale price from last November and they gave it to me on the gorgeous scalloped beads I am so enthralled with lately !! I also asked for a lower price on the hearts and got that too. I try to be fair, and so far, they have let me  have my price every time.

Lima always gives you a 10 percent off for your next order and I keep those coupons and use them every time. So , once you order from them that first time, you always get 10 percent off for each order afterward. I love thier seed beads, I get my pirate charms from them and some other cute charms, and African paper beads. I love those as well and have them in several sizes. These came today !!! They are a purple  and tan combo and I love them !!! They appear to have a nice shiny coating on them.



I also got these beauties from Aunties beads today !!




Then, from Lima Beads, SEED BEADS !!



I have slowly buying sead beads from Lima. The many boxes of seed beads I have are all older, some 20 plus years old and they are not uniform like the ones you can buy today. I can use them for my seed bead work with sequins, holding a sequin on does not require it to be uniform, but to bead weave or do earrings, you want them to be very uniform, so over the past year I have been adding. I added a ton of purple when I was doing the dangles for my cusomer , all the wine charm loops I did with seed beads. I am fascinated with white and have since purchased every white seed bead they sell.

So, here is my Lima Bead seed bead collection



I am not being paid to tell you about these stores, I just love them both and love to refer others when I love a store and find products that I feel are great quality and good price !!

I still have some Etsy orders coming in, so many beads, so little time !!! Such a beadiful life !!

Thanks for stopping by !!






















2 responses to “Bead, small and large !!!”

  1. What a fantastic array of seed bead colours!! Are they miyuki?


  2. They are TOHO, really pretty and uniform !! I am so thrilled to have updated my collection . All my old seed beads, 19 boxes , those 18 count plastic divided boxes, will be used for my sequin work now and these will be for earrings and bead weaving.

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