Creating in Chaos !!

I am supposed to be cleaning but as I was putting stuff away I kept finding really cool stuff I forgot I had and started to play a bit !! I am addicted to these new scalloped beads I found on Aunties Beads and I keep going back and ordering a few more and I ended up with a bunch of rich deep purple. As I was taking apart some interesting bracelets, I thought to myself, I have to try something and next thing I knew, I had made the three of these !!



It started with these pretty pieces


I love the rich deep purple of these beads and I just adore the shape of them !! I also got the fun  little hearts recently and I thought they would look pretty together !! The charms came off some strange wire bracelets I had and took apart today !!






Anyway, just thought I would share what I was doing instead of finishing up this !!


I have some of the scalloped beads in a pretty gold color too !! The purple are still on the tray at his point and the hearts on are this tray as well.  I have some other colors as well, and plan some fun projects with them all . I had accidently ordered extra purple, but I will find a use for all eight of them !! I just love them !!! I have clear and turquoise and black and another interesting blue and a irredescent greenish pink set as well.



Well, gotta get back to work. It was fun to take a break and play but I have to get finished up to start working on more dangles with my friend and customer !!  I have a feeling some of the blue ones will end up in one of our projects !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!
















I would love to hear what you think !!!

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