Confessions of a messy beader !!!

I shared a picture of my beads with a new beader I met and her comment was , you are organized. I am not. I am a messy beader.

I had to come clean with her. I am a very  messy beader  too. I look good at a glance. All the beads I am not using are very organized. However, once put on a tray, that is all over. I have a very bad habit of doing more than one project at a time and then stuff gets left on a tray and then I add to it, and before I know it, I have this situation to deal with. Problem is, I do not. I just keep using trays until I have no choice to clean, and I am pretty much at that point now !!!

Nice shelf, my wonderful husband gave me all these tiny shelves for all my bead trays !!I had waiting over 20 years for something like this , it is wonderful !!! About five are set up for a project I am about to start, beaded tassles part two,  but the rest, just pure mess. I am ashamed to say !!!




some stuff does not even belong, like the old vintage toy and the battery that somehow ended up on this tray !!!


here is a paper plate of beads on another tray of beads, this is actually a lid to a storage box. Everything is fair game when I need a tray to work on !!!


some of my felt, sequin and seed bead work, some thread, scraps of felt and some patterns I made. This is a hot mess for sure !!!


this is showing two layers. a top one, and then another layer below. Seriously, I have issues !!!



I really have no words for the next tray. this is a hot mess. Everything is on this tray. Beads, charms, finished products, products I bought to take apart. Really, there are no words. It is embarrassing !!!



My work table. It has been worse, but that is not an excuse. I have to clean before I start another project. I can use the excuse I have a lot going on, but I have all the time in the world to keep my studio clean, even with things being a bit crazy the last six weeks.  I just do not do it. I have moments when it is all perfect, and I am so happy and proud, and then within weeks, back to the dark side, lol !! The stuff in back is supposed to be there, but the other stuff, not supposed to be there !!





On a positive note, two more pieces I ordered came in today. Some cute tiny stone elephants and some blue stripped agate.



Like how I changed the subject, lol !! I can distract myself from the mess !!

Well, off to put away all the new beads from today and yesterday and I am going to take down a tray and see what I can do to get this mess gone !!

Are you a messy or organized creative person ?

I want so bad to be organized, but I am not, I am a mess most of the time !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “Confessions of a messy beader !!!”

  1. You are not alone!! I have moved all my craft stuff from downstairs to my room upstairs, which has given me the opportunity to re-organise it all. In theory lol. The reality is several weeks later I still cannot see part of my floor and as I get one type of thing organised, I am having to move other stuff around to make room for it. I have fibromyalgia which hinders me anyway. But I am actually very bored with it all now. But if I don’t get it all sorted I cant really start creating again *sigh*.
    But I always tell myself, its the fact we are disorganised that makes us creative in the first place 🙂
    I love your desk area btw – lots of lovely natural light!


    1. Oh no !! I understand because we have moved three times in the last two years, after four years of me having our studio from the room I am in now, into our master bedroom when our daughter and husband and kids moved in five and a half years ago, and they needed the rooms, once they both had good jobs and were ready to be on thier own again, those four years later, we moved out of our house to an apartment closer to my husbands work, wanted to see if he would like a 15 minute instead of 50 minute drive,used the second bedroom for my studio , decided we missed our house and town, but our kids needed to rent our house a bit longer because our son in laws parents had moved out to Texas to see if they would like it. So, we bought another house, got my studio set up there in a spare room , then our youngest son moved back in, so I had to move it to the huge living room so he could have a bedroom and a seperate tv room. Our son in laws parents moved back to Calif, we asked if they would trade houses, and now we have a full studio instead of it being in our master bedrooom !! This studio is almost a year old now, March 15, and it is staying this way for a very long time, we have no intentions on moving any time soon, so I am so happy to be here and can settle in and stay. That moving is very stressful and with you having fibromygalia, that is really tough. Our yougest daughter suffers from that and I can see how hard things can be for her. She is also a very creative,but often messy person too , lol !!
      I do agree, that which makes us unorganized, makes us creative as well !! That is my story and I am sticking to it , lol !!! I really do try, but I think there will always be piles of stuff in my life , small usually and at times large, it is just how I am !!


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