New bead goodies in the mail today !!

I got in a bunch of new goodies, and I am so excited. Most of them were bought with my friend and customers projects in mind, but I would have bought them anyway even without a reason !! I did not spend much. On Ebay you can buy from venders in China, no shipping and get a steal of a deal , most of those were very little, from .98 to 1.50 for most of those shown and hte soft blue stripped were 2.80 and the ones on the bottom left, I paid almost seven for agate, but unfortunately, they looked cobalt blue, and are not. the one risk you take on line, but I still love them and it is okay, the teal will be fun to use , . I spent 30, got 7 orders today,  and still have seven orders to come !!! 14 orders total !! Not too bad for the price. I only order with free shipping !!! I set my auto bid to my highest and if I win I win, and if do not not, I do not , so it is a great way to get some nice beads, pretty cheap. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for them to come,  and one set, a pink set like the brown, never showed up. I have had that happen a couple of times, but they always either resend, or give me my money back !! In that case, the second set came pretty quick and I was thrilled !!


I love these soft blue striped beads, they just said, stripe round loose gemstone, but they came on a string, so that was funny !! The other striped are called Turkey turquoise gemstone, so I am sure both are man made stone, but they feel like stone and are very pretty in person !!






the brown beads said Lampwork, water ripple, but they look like fancy pearls, not sure if they are coated or not, but they seem nice quality and I used the pink and purple in projects and they looked great !! I have blue like them coming still !!



Excuse the time stamps on the pictures !! Our oldest grandaughter is using my camera for her Science project so she has to know when each picture was taken, I would have used my other camera if I had realized the time would be on the pictures !

So, a fun day to get all those in the mail !!

Thanks for stopping by,












I would love to hear what you think !!!

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