A new jewelry adventure starting soon !!!

I have wanted to work with copper foil for jewelry  for years and  years !! I just never found the lead free solder and it just sat on the back burner !! My friend I am making the dangles for, loves to challenge me and she had tried to buy a pendant, that she wanted her to make into a connector , but the seller on Etsy never answered her requests. I asked her so show me what it was , and how exciting, a copper foil pendant !!!

That was it, the push I needed. I told her, lets do it, I will make them for you !! So, I ordered the clear glass microscope slides in two sizes, 3 inches by 2 inches and 1 inch by three inches. it gives us a lot of sizes that are easy to make. My hubby has been a stain glass artist for year, although not active in a while, due to having to pack it up for a while, but finally set back up so he can get working again,  and he has everything I needed but the lead free solder.

So, we ran to Hobby Lobby and I got some and the slides I ordered  came today, so, I can get started as soon as my hubby walks me through the process !! I know how to put the copper foil tape on. I know to put flux on the piece before melting on the solder, but I want some instruction and time to practice before I do one of her pieces !! I have so many ideas in mind now, he has boxes and boxes of glass scraps to pay with as well !! Too much fun !! Wire, beads, wire,  copperfoil , pretty images and even some modge podge, so many possibitlies !! A wonderful adventure in jewelry !!

I cannot wait !!



You can see his regular solder and my new lead free solder , I am so excited !! I have so many things I want to do, so I am excited to get my lessons next week . He works all weekend 12 hour shifts and I have four of our grandaughters through sat, then three grandaughters until Sunday evening !! He is off Monday and Tuesday and I will get my lessons then !! I will get it all ready to go. I have a few of the images my friend wants to use, so we can practice with those and see how they come out !! I am hoping perfect the first time , lol !!! I have 72 of each size of slide so I have a lot to play with !!

So, next week I will share how it goes !!




Thanks so much for stopping by !! If anyone has advice, I would love to hear it !!!










I would love to hear what you think !!!

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