Trying something new !!

I had decided by the end of last year that I wanted to try new things. Branch out a bit. Have more fun playing in the studio !! I have a project to start soon with my friend /customer who I made all the fancy dangles for. She loves vintage Barbies and we thought it would be fun to make a couple of sets to put with her collection and so I have been trying to think of things to do that are more fun and playful and so this is the start of that.

I love keeping old wrappers from candy and the pretty tin foil colors especially. I have some in pinks and reds and thought I would try playing with the pink since it is a Barbie color !!

I think I am going to have to buy candy in different colors through the  year so I have blues and greens and all kinds of color.  Lovely, having an excuse to buy chocolate !!! Not that I need one !!!


I did save the little papers from the kisses and some mini candy bar wrappers I thought might be fun to play with !!


So, taking some pins I use for jewelry to make a hole in the middle, I shaped tin foil around them in a rectangle shape. I really was not sure what I would do with them, but wanted to build the bead first and go from there !! this is what I came up with, forgive the dark picture.


I have a great set I had picked up at the craft store  for baking beads out of clay and it works perfectly for this type of thing, so I replaced the pins I started with with one of the wires from that set !! After putting it on the wire, I tucked the tin foil around it a bit better and then got out my other materials. This picture is before I tucked it in. Not sure why I forgot to take the after.


simple modge podge to start. I put a coat on both sides using the metal stick to hold on to the piece


tiny pictures of Barbie I printed out on hte computer and then I picked two and cut them out for the project



after I put a coat of modge podge on, I stuck the pictures on and put a coat of modge podge over the pictures as well


I added a couple more coats after each coat dried. I decided to add a bit of bling and got out my now almost vintage glitters.The one I used i have had at least 20 years .It is an ultrafine gold glitter and I poured some into a small box lid I had . I then added a fresh coat of the modge podge to the edges and rolled them into the glitter. I had to remove from the stick and hold them in the middle over the images.




As you can see, I did not do well  !!  I should have done one side, let it dry and then do the other side. I moved my fingers and despite being careful, ended up with glitter on the images, not what I wanted to do. So, lesson learned !!!

I am not happy with how the glitter is around the edges, but that is what this first piece was for. To learn, experiment . I am still happy with the fact I made a bead out of what should have been trash !! I will still put one more coat on the glitter once it is dry and see if I can get any of the glitter off the images, but chances are , they are stuck. Not sure we will use it for anything, but it was fun making it, and now I can try it again and do better !! That is the fun of doing stuff on your own , but also the frustration of it !!

So, over the next few months with Valentines day and St Pattys days and Easter , watch for pretty wrappers and think of what you might be able to do with them !!! I am trying ot look at everything before I throw it out, if I think it has any potential for a craft project !! I love recycling, or up cycling as some people love to call it !! A jar of modge podge opens the door for a lot of possibilties and I have three jars to play with !!! I have heard there are other kinds too, so I plan to check that out next time we go to a craft store !!

So, go out and create , there are so many wonderful materials to work with !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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