Lots of glitter and finished bead, and oh, lots of chocolate too !!!

I am having so much fun with this new medium and had to get some new glitter to give me more options !! My hubby and I ran to Michaels and I found a great set, thier brand, was 29.99 but I got 40 percent off . I got 24 colors and I just love them !! I wanted the super fine stuff and that is what this is !! Some of the colors look the same in the picture but in person they are each slightly different !! I could not be happier with them !!!




I finished the bead before we left and this is the finished product. It is far from perfect. It is a proto type and is a  bit lumpy, not quite shaped perfect, and the glitter got on the images, which is not my intent !! I will do it different next time to make sure I address all those issues, but the point was to have fun and make something out of nothing , and I did that !! Here it is , alone, and on a strand of beads !!





I am so thrilled with how it came out , even with its issues !! I love that I made it out of candy wrappers !!! I love collecting the wrappers, meaning we “have ” to eat chocolate !! I told my husband, I need more materials, so we picked these up tonight !!!



which gives me a nice selection of red, and pink, gold and silver , what a wonderful way to get beading supplies !!!!



I am really excited with how the first one came out and now I know what I have to work on !! I still think it is pretty and I especially love the picture of the vintage Barbie in the zebra bathing suit, classic Barbie !!

So, in the next weeks our house will be eating chocolate and saving wrappers !!! Such a wonderful life, no complaints coming from me !! Beads and chocolate, a great combination !!!!

Thanks for stopping by !! I am always grateful !!!







I would love to hear what you think !!!

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