Back in business for the new year !!!

I just wanted to let everyone know my shop is back open. I have to check my inventory and see what has expired and probably relist some expired listings ,  but the shop is back open and I can take orders again.

I had to close down over the holidays due to a family emergency and too much on my plate !!We  had our three little grandaughters living with us for a while, but they are back home with Mommy and  I am happy to report our son in law  has been moved to a skilled nursing facility yesterday and is slowly but surely mending. He is doing much better, still has a long road of recovery ahead but we are opptomistic he will have a full recovery over this year !!

I am very excited about the new year and cannot wait to start playing in the studio again. I cannot wait to start to creating with my friend and customer on her dangles for her bathroom, we both never dreamed our break from her purple dangles would be this long !! We will get to start creating in blue soon, and it will be a blast like we had with the purple !! She really got me to try new things that I have really enjoyed learning and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with during these new projects !!

Still have to shovel out the studio a bit, things got stored in here the last few weeks, but over the next week my husband and I will get the studio emptied out again so I can begin creating !!

So, getting ready to play and create in the new year, looking forward to a fun and creative year of new things !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!



4 responses to “Back in business for the new year !!!”

  1. Congratulations on getting back to creating, Stephie. I’m excited for you. I would love to see your new work for sale when it’s ready. You go, girl!


  2. Thanks LInda, I got two new listings today, some pretties I made a few months ago !! One of them is thanks to you !! I made a bracelet way too long and was unsure what to do with it, but thanks to your telling me about boot bracelets, I posted as such today and plan to make more, what fun !!!


  3. Congratulations Stephie!:) I’m glad you’re off to a flying start this year. Wishing lots of success each passing day!


  4. Thanks so much Seyi !! I am wishing the same for you !!! I think it will be a really good year !!


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