help and prayers needed update


Stephen and Nikki clowning around when I tried to take thier picture last month at Thanksgiving. He loves to goof off and  his fun and playful personality will help him get through this time.

I am happy to say that our son in law is slowly doing better. He is still considered critical, as he has so many injuries and a few things that have to be under control completely before he is considered stable, he has a small pulminary embolism they are treating and some serious  wounds they are cleaning every few days to keep infection from coming back as it hit him pretty hard a few days ago, so he will need skin grafts after they are healed enough to seal up. Over all though  he is doing  better. He is in so much pain at times ,  and has such a long road before he even gets out of the hospital , and  then he will get moved to a nursing home until he can be put into a rehab center. You have to be able to do hours of rehab a day for five days a week and he is very far from that. At least a few months. He has one limb uninjured . He can feed himself a bit now with that arm, as much as you can laying almost completely flat due to the device holding his pelvic bones together. He can hold things and has actually written a bit once  when our daughter asked if he wanted to help her with a word search he said there were only a few words he cared about and  “wrote you and the  girls ” , so sweet !! Here is the picture she took of it

Dec 2014



This meant the world to our daughter who posted this picture on facebook !!

He has some very bad pain and misses his girls so bad. It will be two weeks tomorrow and he has not gotten to see them except on the phone . We are doing facetime on the ipads as often as possible !!

I will post the link again for anyone that wants to help. They will need as much help as possible as our daughter has not been able to file the disability papers yet, the doctors have not gotten the papers back to her. They are pay check free from this week on until they can get the papers filed and start the payments. It is kind of frustrating as the doctors are not the ones that will be missing pay. I understand they are busy, but as important as the healing is, bills have to be paid while you heal, and they are holding up the process , not intentionally, I am sure , they are busy, it is a trauma hospital, but it is frustrating none the less.

She found out her electricity had been turned off because when she requested automatic payments they never processed it, so she thought it was coming out of thier account , so she got that paid and back on. Would not have been an issue but there are pets in the house she wants to keep warm and a freezer with food in it.

So, here is the link, and we are so grateful for everyone who helped, your help is much appreciated. The family is doing all we can with day to day needs and making sure our daughter has what she needs and we are taking care of the kids so no worries there. We are happy to help as is all the family and friends. They have really found out how many people love them through this experience !!

So, here is the link,

I do not want anyone to feel obligated by any means, that is never my intention , prayers and thoughts are the most important thing and we are grateful beyond words for all we are getting,  but anyone who can and wants to help, we do appreciate it. Once the disability gets started in a few weeks, they should be fine. It is just the next few weeks that will be hard.Car insurance and utilies have to be paid regardless of whether you get a check !!!  Luckily the hospital has been able to feed her with the extra  trays of food they always have , and so she does not have to buy much food. We loaded her up with snacks, some healthy, some not !! He is not eating that much so she gets what is left on his tray as well when there are not extra trays. He has not got too much of an appetite yet !! He is working on it. I guess he likes a certain type of those Ensure shakes,  some pecan butter or something l ike that, so that helps him get some calories too !!

On top of all of this, our son in law insisted our daughter get out for the day, he felt she needed a break, so she took off after she was sure he was fine , as he had a bad time last night with pain, and then, she  got stranded at a gas station this morning trying to get down to our town to meet a friend to do some shopping for the girls with the gift cards she has recieved from friends  . Some lights came on the dash, so she pulled off the road into a gas station . We are about 45 minutes south east of fort worth, so she had to get the car towed home to thier house, ours was too far  , luckily free to her house through USAA and her Dad , my husband , will check i t out when he can. Luckily it was good timing because we were borrowing her mini van as I have all seven of our grand kids after school, and today is the last day for the next two plus weeks, so her oldest brother and I picked her up at her house where they towed the car and brought her home to pick up her van. So, quite a day. She is so frustrated !! But she is safe, the car broke down in a safe place and it was free to tow it with her towing package from her insurance,  and sounds like an easy fix, looked like a belt is off. So, my husband will look at it on Sunday after work as he does not have a day off until Christmas eve !! At least we have two weeks to fix it !! So, it could have been a lot worse !!!

All the wonderful prayers and postive thoughts sent his way have been helping and he is very happy to know that people are praying for him and thinking of him. It really means a lot. When you are in the type of position he is, you really are greatful for all the thoughts and prayers as is the entire family.

So, still in a rough place, but much more stable then he was. He  has a great attitude and is so grateful to be alive and able to work on getting better !! He knows how lucky he is.

I just know that it is beyond me, how a person could hit another person with a pick up truck,  and leave them on the side of the road like they were not worth anything. That is very sad. I am glad they caught him. He is in jail and that is a huge relief. It makes me question what else he could be capable of, as that shows no empathy or caring at all.

So, that is our update for now. Very slow progress, but it is progress.

Thanks again for all the prayers and thoughts as they are priceless, and to those how did donate, thank you. I do not think you know how much it is all  appreciated . Not sure when they will get the money, but it will be helpful to keep bills paid and that is huge. Not having to worry about money when you are worrying about your spouse will be a huge thing for Nikki.








2 responses to “help and prayers needed update”

  1. I am so sorry to read this Stephie, I’ve not read the preceding post, I’ll be praying for you!
    Hugs and love to you.


  2. Thanks Seyi, prayers are the most important gift they can get and I am sure that is why he survived and continues to improve. He is very grateful for everyones thoughts and prayers !! xoxo


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