Help and prayers needed urgently


This is our daughter and Stephen from this Thanksgiving

I am sharing a link that is really important to me. Our son in law was involved in a hit and run accident when whe was running along a road near his house and is in intensive care . He has a lot of injuries and his recovery will take a long time and the family has lost thier source of income while he is recovering which could be a full year. They have three small girls and things are going to be pretty hard for them this next year.

Our son in law is a member of the National Guard for 12 years now and one of his militiary buddies has set up a gofundme campaign to help them with expenses .

here is the link it is for the Clemmons family.

I hope you will share this and help them to get some money to put aside for the coming year.

Stephen has a shattered pelvis, broken arm and possibly a broken femur, broken ribs and collar bone, a damaged  kidney they hope will heal,  and is currently in the ICU awaiting surgery on his pelvis injury  tomorrow !! He was experiencing internal bleeding but that seems to have resolved itself and he is looking better and is responsive and has no head , neck or spine injuries. He is still heavily sedated due to the pain.

It will be a long and arduous recovery  of about a year.

The driver was found thanks to witnesses who chased him down and called the police. He was blessed that witnesses called for help imediately  and knew to not touch him  but to to just talk to him and reassure him, and call our daughter to let her know he was injured  with his phone.

Thank you so much for reading this,  and we all appreciate all  prayers, and any  financial help you can send his way !!



11 responses to “Help and prayers needed urgently”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! I know it could have gone worse, but this is terrible news. I’ll have you and your family in my thoughts.


    1. Thank you so much !! It really have gone way worse, he was lucky and blessed indeed to have imediate help. WE appreciate the thoughts, they mean so much to us all , and especially to Stephen and Nikki of course !!


  2. Sending healing prayers and positive thoughts to Stephen, your daughter and your family. I hope he will heal quickly and be back home with his family soon.


    1. Thanks so much !! Prayers and postive thoughts are what he needs most right now !! We will not relax until he is through the worst of it. He has about eight weeks until we can start to see him do much bettere and the set backs should be a lot less by then too !! All we want is him home, but it will be at least 8 months and up to 12 months before that is possible. He has a lot of work and healing to do first !!


  3. OMG I am so very sorry prayers going out for you all and I am re-blogging with hope one that may follow me in be in a better place financially can help your family xo


    1. Prayers are just as important and very appreciated, thank you Eunice !! We are so grateful for all the prayers !! Donations are wonderful,and much appreciated, but the prayers are what is helping him heal. We feel the love around him and it means the world to all of us, and especially to Stephen and Nikki.

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      1. I am so very busy of late so if you do not see me know I am still keeping you all in my prayers. God is good.


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    Please help if you can


  5. Dear jesus help stephen. Be w him, comfort him. Speed his recovery. I’m ypur name amen


    1. Amen, thank you so much !! Prayers and postive thoughts both mean so much !!!!

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  6. Thanks Eunice, that is so kind of you ! I really appreciate you spreading the word, and I know the kids do too !!!


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