Christmas ornament hooks , with beads !!!! With tutorial

A wonderful friend told me she had seen some beaded ornament hooks. I had seen the fancy wire ones, and had even thought about adding beads, but just never did it. Well, her suggestion got me going and I have been having a blast !!

Robin, you created a monster and I am having a ball, this was the shot in the arm, creatively that I needed, thank you so much !!!

Here is what I have come up with so far !! and I will share how to make them later in the post !!



Annie, if you are reading this, those are your purple stone beads down at the bottom edge of the picture, we have to get that necklace designed !!











This is a fun and simple project for all beaders and the more beads you have, the better !! I have my huge hoard from close to 25 years of beading, seed beads on the top shelf, regular beads mostly glass, but many stone as well as metal, on the bottom shelf. from the paper on the bottome shelf to the white box, those are all findings, charms , and so on. From the white paper to the door, all beads. No kidding. I have a lot of beads !! The top shelf is where I started, seed beads andI did do one tree with seed beads and bugle beads, and plan to do more in that style , I adore my seed beads !! I also have boxes and jars with some old jewelry yet to be taken apart, so I have many more beads to process from old pieces of jewelry.


seed beads and thier bigger counter part, the bugle bead, lend such sparkle and elegance to any project !! This was my first experiement but I plan to do a lot more with the seed beads !!!  This is my favorite one so far !!



So, what you need to make these fun ornament holders.

first, bring your creativity and have fun !!

Materials are wire, wire cutter, measuring tape, round stuff, like pens, or any tools or stuff that you can wrap the wire around to make your  hoops top and bottom.

I use a tool that is round on one side and flat on the other, along with jewelry plyers .

Here are my tools.



Yes, the purple thing IS a pen, but pencils or any round object , knitting needles or crochet hooks, for example, work great.

I have three kinds of wire cutters,




here is a close up to show the differences




I started out using the purple set, but did not like how the cuts looked. I then took out the other two pairs and when I used the bright green set, the cuts were very nice !! Much cleaner and less crushed. I am still learning to work with wire and this was a great lesson.

If you plan to work on wire, having different kinds of tools, and sometimes more than one of say , pliers, is very helpful !! I use two sets of plyiers all the time when I do my wire wrapped braclets or beads !

You need to find some beads that you want to use, and get them together on a tray or table with the tools I showed and your wire.

Cut your wire to size. For the ones I made above, I cut at least a five inch piece, the seed bead one was seven inches, and some only need four, but five is a good jumping off place and you can add or subtract as you go.

Cut your wire to the size you want, using a ruler or measuring tape to measure it.




Decide on a design, I chose round, so I picked one of my round objects to wrap the wire around to get my piece started  and for me, it was the round pliers



then start slowing winding it around , slowly and carefully keeping it flat and you pull it around and I use my needle nose jewelry  pliers to keep it tight


It might look rough at first, but this is when you take some time to even it out with your tools.


after you are happy with it, bend it at an angle to add the beads


add your beads , I used a lamp work and two faceted glass beads



When you are happy with the beads, bend at an angle to form your top loop



I used my pen to wrap the wire around to form the hoop . They resemble earring hoops, and I may get more fancy as I get more comfortable with making these !!

I appologize for these pictures as it is only just now that I remembered I have a tripod to put my camera on, lol !! I was holding the camera with one hand while I worked with the other !!



Then I make the tiny loop on the end and cut it with the wire cutters, the looped pliers are the best for this, but you can use a tiny round object if you have one





then close the loop, adjust the wire until you like how the bottom loop and top loop look, and you are done !! they usually need a bit of tweaking !!







The only limit is your imagination , you can use silver, copper and gold wire. I have all three so I will try out all three and see what I think, but just started with the silver as I was already working with it on the bracelets sets.

Have fun, it is very addictive, you can bend the wire in squares, circles, zig zags, it is so fun !! You can use your left over one of a kind beads for this project and what a great look for the tree !! Great gifts as well !!

Thanks for stopping by !!

your beadful  friend !


2 responses to “Christmas ornament hooks , with beads !!!! With tutorial”

  1. I think these will look awesome on a Christmas tree with the lights glowing. I love the bling!!! I can’t believe that you already have some done. 🙂


  2. I am having so much fun making them , I am so grateful you sent me the idea, they are wonderful !!!


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