Wire wrapped bracelet , Onyx and Pink Matrix jasper with Chinese Crystal focal bead

After weeks of not really doing any beading, I finally got back to work in my studio  and finished one of the sets that I wrote about back in mid September. I had purchased some stone beads  from  www.auntiesbeads.com  and had three sets of bracelets and earrings I was planning to make from the lovely things I found on their site . I even put a link on the side of my page because I was so blown away with thier quality !!!

I have been through a bit of a funk, not sure why. But I had put those lovely projects on the back burner all these months. Today I decided I wanted to get them done.

So, I started with the pink one. I had seen a pair of earrings on tv with the same exact gorgeous onyx drop, but they had used a red sparkly bead on the bottom. When I saw these gorgeous onyx drops, I knew I had to use them , I had fallen in love with them when I saw the set on tv . I was not sure what to pair with them and then I saw these amazing Pink Matrix Jasper beads. I fell in love with the color.






Looking around a while I found the stunning focal piece, an 18 mm Chinese scalloped crystal bead in jet, and knew i had to have it. Only 89 cents and let me tell you, they are stunning. I bought several colors because I loved the shape and elegance of the beads.



After that I knew I wanted some onyx beads to match the drops and I found them as well !! They are 10 mm like the pink beads and so pretty !!



I went on to design two more sets, which will be my next projects this weekend !!


So, here is the pink set. I am thrilled. I am still learning to do wire wrapping, and looping two wire wrapped loops is still a bit of a challenge for me, but I know I wanted that look for my sets.


the picture does not do the focal bead justice, it is so sparkly and pretty, It has some finger prints from me holding it while I worked,




Next set is the yellow and black. I absolutely love these Yellow turtle jasper beads, they have a gray black and some white through them, they are stunning !!!



Same amazing focal bead and black onyx beads, but a completely different look. I will do a regular round onyx with the yellow for the earrings although I am tempted to buy more of the black drops if they have them, I really love their look !!




Next is the really fun and unique  money bracelet !!
I have a money blog, I have not been posing lately but plan to work hard on it in the coming  year as we are working on getting debt free and that is what the blog is about, so I am always looking for fun money items to photograph for the header.

I feel in love with the money connector, only 1.50 and such amazing quality !! I love it  !! I also  found some beautiful green fire agate jasper to go with some dark green stone beads I had already and another set was born. I added some money charms for the earrings  I had already bought, and it will be a really fun set when I am done with it !!





The last thing I got was another set of those gorgeous Chinese scalloped crystal  beads in purple





and some in a green vitreal , one side is more purple and one more green, they are stunning !!! I want to get these beads in every color !!




I only spent 35.25 for the beads to make three stunning sets and plenty of extra beads along with the four extra Chinese scalloped beads !!

I will be back in a day or so with the yellow set. I am so excited. If they still have the onyx drops, I may wait to make the earrings and order those !!

I am exicted to finally be making these beautiful sets up !!

I am mad at myself that I let a lack of sales make me pull back. I have decided to just bead because I love it and not worry about selling it. I have so many amazing things to work with, and so many projects I want to do !! I sill have some really beautiful dangles to do with my customer, when she is ready to get started we get to do blue dangles this time, after months of working with purple , it will fun to change the colors up and as usual, she has picked some amazing items to work with !! I cannot wait to start sharing those projects !!

Thanks for stopping by !!

your beading friend,


2 responses to “Wire wrapped bracelet , Onyx and Pink Matrix jasper with Chinese Crystal focal bead”

  1. Love the pink and onyx set, those drop beads are gorgeous!


  2. Thank you !! They are even more stunning in person !! The beads are all stunning but those drops are amazing !! I went back to order some more and they are out of stock, but they let you put in that you want them so when they get more they can let you know !! I am very impressed with the shop and ended up spending another 16 bucks yesterday after I posted this blog post !!! They have a great clearance page too, I got several things on clearance !! I will share when they come !!


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