Big clearance sale in my Etsy store

After a lot of soul searching I am closing out all my current inventory in my shop. I want to start fresh in the new year with all new inventory. So, with coupon code ALLMUSTGO , all caps, one word, every single item in my store is 50 percent off. This is cheaper than my whole sale prices. I have no issue with resellers taking advantage of these prices. I want to do more art, more unique and one of a kind stuff next year and so everything in my store must be sold or in Jan it will all be unlisted and dismantled and the pieces put away. I am excited to try new things and all the old must go. I only removed my seed bead and sequin pieces as they are made to order and I cannot do that kind of work for half price and the point is to sell the MADE inventory and they are all made to order. I am still happy to make any of those items, but it will be for full price.

So, I hope everyone will take a look, great gifts for the holidays and I am excited to let it all go and start fresh. My husband and I plan to do a lot with stain glass and I hope to do a lot with polymer clay and other fun mediums, I really want to explore multi media art and jewelry. I want to play more in the coming year and have fun in the studio.

So, the code is usable now, everything is the price it was, I have not changed the prices for this sale. I have lowered and then rasied back the prices several times over the last couple years trying to figure out the right price,  and then decided a sale coupon would be best this time. Anyone who has purchased from me will see the prices are what they have always been.

I am excited to clear out the studio and will be adding probably a hundred items I have  in the studio to the Etsy store Stuff I never listed or stuff that expired at some point and I never put it back on. I want all of it sold, or it is all being taken apart in 2015.

Have fun shopping and enjoy the sale !!

I am still making the jewelry up this week from the items I got from Aunties beads, they will not be for sale in the shop,  I just cannot let them go for half price, I am really excited about all three sets !! I will post about them here  when they are done, I think they are going to be really pretty sets !! They may go in the store next year, if I can part with them !!!

be back in a few days,


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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