Lots of new pretties !!

I have more new pretties to share !!!

We hit the yard sales and thrift stores  on Saturday and I got some more interesting things !!! I love treasure hunting and get so excited every time I find something new !!














Lot of pretties to take apart !!

I also got an order in the mail today and want to share that site with you !! My customer made me aware of this little shop as she ordered some items we used on her dangles and the quality has been amazing and I actually ended up ordering some stuff before and just got a new order in today !!

Here are my pretties !!


I love these pretty little metal beads, I love the weight and the design is so dainty and pretty !!!


they are very dainty and I got some lovely buttons too, and are they stunning !!! Metal buttons, an assortment, and I love them !! Such amazing quality and gorgeous designs.







I am still waiting to do the jewelry I have ready to make from the items I bought from Aunties beads. I have to get some wire as I want to wire wrap the set. I have no place near by to get it so I have to wait until I can get to Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

I hope you will check out Pams site on Etsy,


and I will be posting soon those items from Aunties beads, as soon as I get the wire. If you missed that post, these are the sets I have ready to make !! three bracelets and three sets of earrings !!



I cannot wait to make them, will post when I do.  I have a link on the right if you want to find any of these pretty beads. I am still stunned at the quality of each item, like Pams shop, just high quality lovely items. I have gotten much more selective and quality is very important to me and both of these stores deliver !!

As I find great stores, I will share !!! I have many I buy from, and they are good, but I love finding really special ones.

Thanks for stopping by !!


2 responses to “Lots of new pretties !!”

  1. nutsfortreasure Avatar

    You make me want to just string and leave all the technical stuff be 🙂 Maybe I can just use all my beading I tore apart on fishing line and hang from my windows and add color lit by the sun 🙂


  2. I have learned from my wonderful customer that you can bead anything and make it prettier !! In the window with light shining through would be beautiful , I may have to try that as well !!


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