A potpourri kind of post !!!

I am in a mood to share a few things today, but nothing in particular to do an entire post on. So, it is a potpourri kind of day here !!

Most importantly , Aunties beads . I am working on getting my items made, have them laid out but it has been that kind of week, a lot of stuff done, but nothing in particular  finished !!

I forgot to share thier web site address in the last post, although you can find it on the side bar, my customer that I havae been making all the gorgeous dangles with, and we still have two rooms to do, saw the post and she went and bought a gorgeous dragon fly pendant there for us to use in the next projects we do. It came so I can share it as well. Only ten bucks, I was shocked, they have such great prices. Here is her piece !!


It is big too, 33 by 60 mm and just stunning !! I could not believe it was that price, but with shipping only 11.98 !! I cannot wait to use it and when we do, I will share as I do all the pieces I have been doing for her !!

I hope you will check out Aunties Beads,


One of my new favorite places for sure !!

Here are my sets from the beads I picked out from their  store. I am doing three bracelets and three earrings to match . The pink earrings  are already made, just need the fish hooks, but the other two I just have the beads set aside. I still have quite a bit of each bead left and actually put away, lol !! The dark green at the bottom are the only ones I did not buy there, and I had the toggles already. But the focal beads and all the other beads are all from that order I got !! Three braclets. Three earrings. plus a lot left over for 35 bucks, which included shipping !! I still have two purple focals and two green focal beads left , so I am thrilled !!


Now, I found some new treasures at the thrift store today !! Two thrift stores actually .


big huge polymer clay beads, and a string of different blue glass beads, every one is glass, even though the opaque ones look like they are not, in person they are quite pretty and they are all glass. all stunning and a pair of crystal earrings in aqua blue and green, so pretty !!




The polymer beads are HUGE !!



I have some other polymer clay pendants I made that I am planning on sealing, so I will seal this beads too with a nice satin finish to make them even prettier.


one of our daughters fell in love with the green swirl and asked if she could have it, so I will seal it and put it on a cord or chain, whatever her preference is !!

I have a couple of finished polymer necklaces I made that I listed on my friends site, here is my page there , she has many talented artists worth checking out, including herself !! / So you can see them and many more of my pieces here :


I am still sorting through and putting away everything, here is a tray of wonderful treasures I am working on !!! Charms, findings, so much fun stuff !! A big mess, but a lovely mess to have !! I am a messy creator and have to get better at putting away things when I am done instead of piling them on trays which turns into a hot mess !!



I also listed some new items both with my friend Linda and Etsy.  A really pretty peacock  key chain with a pretty glass faceted rainbow bead.


squirrel wine glass charms, how cute are those beads !! I love the little wood log beads, they are so cute !!


how about cocktail wine glass charms !!


some gater wine glass charms



Well, I wanted to share more but my computer is not letting me see my pictures right now, the file numbers show and if I click the picture shows up here, but I have no clue what is what, so that is not working !!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my potpourri day post , a lot of things to share in one post !!

I  will be posting the finished jewelry from Aunties beads  in a few days along with a post about an Etsy seller I am a huge fan of, both my customer and myself have bought from her a couple of times, so when I get this next order I will share and let you know where to find her. Great items, great prices ! I am so lucky to have found a couple of great new places to shop !! When I find, I will share !!!

Thanks for stopping by !! I always appreciate it and love to hear from my readers in the comment section !!



3 responses to “A potpourri kind of post !!!”

  1. I just love those big orange polymer beads. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. I’m visiting a big antique/vintage store in Bennington, VT next week, hope I can find some treasures. Adding aunties beads to my fav page.


    1. I had to have them !! I am not really sure yet what to do with them but it will be fun to figure it out !!
      Your trip sounds fun !! I hope you will share what you find !! I always love to see other peoples treasures !!


  2. Love the squirrels.


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