Wire wrapped bracelet and my new beading addiction !!

I have been intriqued with wire wrapping for years, and have done a bit here and there but had not done too much up until recently when my wonderful customer asked if I could do some for her big project and I said, sure !! I am hooked !! I love it, and I am having so much fun doing wire wrapped beads for her and decided between our projects to give it a try on a full piece of jewelry so I had some copper wire sitting there next to me and this is what I came up with !! I love the rich cranberry pink and the purple focal stone together and loved the idea of using copper instead of silver just to be different and I love the copper beads I used.  I just listed this piece in my Etsy store today !!






I even made my own clasp and was so happy with how it came out for my very first try !!!





I tried taking a picture on my own wrist, found out that is quite the challenge, lol !! I did not put it in the listing, but wanted to show how it looked on a 7 inch wrist. I made the loops all large so it can be looped anywhere and the dangle is just longer or shorter depending on where you hook it. It looks much longer than it is in this picture, lol  !! the braclet is 11 and a half from tip to tip, but the actual clasp before the the small beads and bee dangle is 9 and a half. I wanted it to fit most any wrist and I think it will ! !!


I had used many of these lovely purple beads for my customers order, along with other pretty beads we used !!







I played a lot with beads, wire wrapping and charms, so much fun !!



So, I have been having so much fun and I want to say to my customer, and new friend, thank you so much for challenging me, I am having fun working with you and now trying all those  new ideas on other projects too !! I see a lot of wire wrapping in my future now !!! I am really addicted to this new ( to me ) form of beading !!

Thanks for stopping by !!




2 responses to “Wire wrapped bracelet and my new beading addiction !!”

    1. thank you so much !! I had so much fun making it and I am really proud of it !! I have a long way to go and a lot to learn, but I am having fun while I learn !!


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