Studio upheaval !!

I am so excited !! My husband is finally setting up his side of our studio with his stain glass studio. It is still a hot mess in here but the stuff is in the room, we just have to unbox a lot and get it organized, and my stuff is shoved to the side while we work, but it is an exciting time, I am so thrilled we can get him set up soon and start working together !!

here he has installed his L shaped bench and light table, he has his glass set up on top in the corner by the window !! Some very old shelves set next to the bench. Probably some of them will go over the bench on the one side next to the tv we will hang.






He has six of these formaer  big candy boxes filled with smaller pieces of glass, and each marked with a color.




We both just love using old boxes for storage and these are good size boxes !!


This one has less then most of them, he uses less of those colors then the other colors . He stores all the pieces left when he cuts out patterns and then has a can from the much smaller pieces, saved for possible mosiac projects or even garden stepping stone mosias.




We were just starting to work with glass rods to make beads when our kids moved in from Calif and we needed to pack up our studio to make rooms for the grandkids. We are very excited to be able to start working on that again !! Somewhere are the four beads he made practicing, before he had to pack it all up !!





We had lucked into these lamp patterns made of styrofoam over five years ago,  five bucks for the entire box at a thrift store !! They are so pretty and will one day be used for a lamp for our use !! You can see a handmade wooden checkerboard on the ground we bought at a yard sale to help us design a pattern of our own version of it.That is the back and the checkers on the leather strap. My husband also loves to work with wood so we have many wood projects we want to do as well !!



My half of the studio is pushed to the side while he works, so I have a huge mess right now !! I have trays of purple beads to put away, as I just finished the huge purple dangles order I had and before we start our next project of blue dangles, I have to get this put away. We are both taking the break to get organized and my customer has a lot going on in her home she is taking care off as well, so we will get some stuff finished up, I will get the blue beads trayed and we can start soon on the next project !! But for now, it is a big ole mess in my side of the room !! These two pictures were taken standing up by his glass by the window towards the front of the room to the side where my two tables are set up. We will be sharing the middle one, but the one under the window is mine !!





These are taken from my desk seat, which you cannot hardly see in the above pictures, but you can see my desk !! We found all my beading books and notes when we were unloading his stuff !! finding books you love and have had for years is like finding old friends again !! got to find a place for the, but so  happy to have them out where I can touch them and look at them again !!


his side of the room, it is a mess still too !! The tv is sitting on the light table with a piece of wood under it until we can get it up on the wall. We have a bracket, just not on the list right now !! I t wil go up about where the picture is right now, maybe more by the closet though.



So, we are in transition, but it is all good and I am so excited !! We have some pattern books we want to design and some pieces to make together along with some he started more than five years ago when we had to pack it up !! I do most of his copper foil for him, and then he solders them together once I am done. I love doing that kind of work.

He is going to build a storage shelf under the window next to his glass  for all the books we both have on our loves, beads and stain glass, and then we will put a  shelf up over the windows across both the window walls to hold all our fun collectiable and vintage stuff we love, up high and out of the way, but where we can enjoy it !! I need one more shelf above my desk as well, so lots of shelving to still do, so we are a few weeks from done, but we will at least dig me back out so I can work again !!

So, very exciting, and I cannot wait until it is done, but after six months back in our house, we are at least getting started !! It will be wonderful to combine our glass and beads into shared projects , as well as do our own projects !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


2 responses to “Studio upheaval !!”

  1. YOU PEOPLE ARE ENTIRELY TOO ORGANIZED FOR ME. I am going to go clean my studio now (hahahahahahaha)


  2. Oh my gosh, it is so far from organized right now, but I hope it will be soon !! By organized I mean a place for everything but let me be clear, things are not always in thier assigned place, lol !!! It just makes me feel good to have a place they are supposed to be !!


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