Dragonfly pendant

I wish I could take full credit for this piece, but I cannot !! My amazing customer, who insists she is not creative came up with the idea and asked me this morning if I could do this and wow, I love it !! I will be incorporating this idea into my work going forward, it is so pretty and yet so simple !!

We had done her latest dangles for a window tassel and this was how ithe first side  looked !!



this is a close up of the pendant I had made for the bottom using the pieces she wanted me to use.



I woke up this morning to a request to make this, and I love it and  think it is amazing !!



So, I took all the elements she requested and put them together !!



and ended up with this !!!


I just sent off the pictures to her and told her she better stop telling me she is not creative !! I think some people think because they are not good at doing something, but in thier minds , only good at ideas, they are not creative. There are thousands of  factories creating the ideas of amazingly creative people that  design the items and other people bring them to  life !!  That is my customer, she is a great designer. I am the one that brings her ideas to life, with a few ideas of my own along the way, but she comes up with most of it. Considering we are doing all this work from accross the country from each other, it is really amazing how it is coming together !!

I had to share this lovely pendant, I am so proud of it, but can only take credit for the construction of it, it was not my idea !! Thank you to my dear customer for this wonderful idea I can now use in other projects, I am so excited !!



Here is the tassel set with this new pendant on it !!

She also came up with the double tile, bead in between connector for this set as well !! I am so blessed to be working with a customer that has so much beautiful  vision !!!



I just had to share this pendant, I LOVE it !!

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend !! I know I am !!!







I would love to hear what you think !!!

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