More custom orders and fun stuff

I have been busy , busy , busy !! I have been playing still with my customer that has been designing so many pretty things. I shared her beautiful basket project and now I can share some more of our projects with you !!

She has two stuffed animals from when she was young, gifts from family that mean a lot to her , and she keeps them on her bed and she decided they needed a little sparkle too, so she asked me to help her design some cute jewelry for them and this is what we have come up with.

I take her ideas and add to them, but she is the creative genious here, I refuse to take credit for much more than helping her to come up with pieces. I do make suggestions but she picks out the materials and does an amazing job !!

This is a collar for the one cat, a more realistic type kitty. We are adding a dragonfly toggle to it, so that will be coming on Monday and I will take new pictures !!



The other cat is a build a bear cat, so she is dressed so we wanted to accent her outfit !!

A bracelet, I came up with the wire wrap so it would stay on her wrist , I love how it came out, the colors she chose are just lovely !!  I made a loop on each end and we decided on two dangles each, so cute !! Some charms around the ring too !!




I tried it out on my stuffed bear I keep in my studio, and I will tell you this, I loved it and plan to make her some jewelry when we are done with all the projects we have lined up. I think it is so cute and never would have thought to bling out my bear, but I am learning that beads are even more fun than I already thought and I will be beading a lot of stuff I never beaded before !! I am seeing everything differently !!!

On my bear  , how cute is that ? I love it !!!



Now for the cat necklace, again, we are going to add a dragonfly toggle, so I will re take pictures then, but it came out so pretty !!


We decided that when I add the toggle I will make another small chain, like the bracelet and hang it off the jump ring of the toggle with the accent bead on the chain at the end, it matches the two in the focal pendant. We both agree you just cannot have to many beads !!! So, the lobster claw will come off and a lovely silver dragon fly toggle will go on !!



I made all these loops by hand, but I had help, my absolutely wonderful hubby found me a tool, a new toy that made this necklace so mcuh fun to make !!



I promise to do a blog post on it and some other new tools I got recently !! It will blow your socks off, what a wonderful tool !!!

Our current project, the one that actually started everything we are doing. We have been waiting over two months for the connectors to get here from Turkey, the seller finally had to resend them UPS and we finally got them, big lovely dragonfly connectors !!

We are making beaded tasstles, but not your mommas beaded tasstles, these are amazing !! I cannot wait to get the first one done and we are almost there !!

here are our trays, she picked out the beads from the purple bead stash. I numbered all the beads on a tray so she could see what we had to work with, she picked out the ones she wanted to use for this project and then I got started !! This has all been done via emails and we live several states apart !!





Here are the dangles for now, we still have some changes to do , but here is the current stage of design,

four dangles, four different lengths, will hang on the big dragon fly connector , which will hang on a loop on a door knob of a closet. A lovely purple glass doorknob. My wine charms inspired this project which at first was small but got bigger as we talked back and forth and as she found so many pretty things for us to play with, I cannot tell you how pretty this is in person and I am so excited to put it together once we are done tweaking !! My new tool will help me loop all those wires, and then I will add a jump ring to the connector on both ends, add the dangles to the bottom and a large wine type hoop to the top.





look at how beautiful these beads are my customer ordered and sent me for the project !! She has the most amazing taste. I have never seen such lovely beads in my life. The long purple ceramic one  was hand made for her and the black is hand painted onyx, just stunning. Pictures do neither one any justice at all !!



I will post the name and website of the ceramic artist when I post the pictures of the finished tasstle, I have to find it where I keep all the reciepts and business cards . She has ordered so many amazing things to come to me for her projects and it has been so fun to see them all and now to be playing with them !!

The four dangles hanging on the lovely dragonfly connector will be stunning. She has a true vision and I am doing my best to make it come to life !!

I have not had this much fun in a long time and I am excited at how many projects we still have to work on !! I will share here as we go !! We are making a lot of stuff, first in purples for her bedroom and then in blues for her bathroom. Lovely rich colors !!

I am still trying to convince her how creative she is. I have been beading for 25 years and have never thought of the  amazing things she has. I want to bead everything now, lol !! I feel so inspired now !!

So, I am keeping very busy and having the time of my life !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


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  1. What a gorgeous collection of beads! I seriously want to know all about that new gadget of yours – you can’t keep us in suspense!


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