I have a working studio !!!

I am very excited to finally have my studio set up with plenty of work space !! We were lucky enough to have our daughter in law  and grandkids stay with us for a couple of weeks and now they have moved out so we could put up my work table from the studio I had in the apartment we rented for a short time. My husband reminded me I will be sharing this table with  him when he gets his stain glass studio set up where the boxes are piled right now in the corner !! He will have a work bench but he likes to cut glass on this table ! So, for now it is all mine, but I will gladly share when he gets his side of the studio set up !! I cannot wait !!!

So, here is my studio, still some messes, don’t judge me, lol, I am still a work in progress, so do not look at the floor, although I am sure saying that, you will want to look , I would !!! Most things are put away, but I still have some stuff to deal with, but I am getting there !!




I asked my Master Mechanic husband to arrange my tools for me, he asked some questions and look how nice !! He works on large machinery at a paint plant so he knows about tools and always keeps his as organized as he can. Now I can find what I need , when I need it !!



He bought me this really cool item, it will come in  handy for small detail work !! The stand is heavy, made of metal and I can just set it on the table and  use it when I need it. I doubt I will hook stuff on it, but just having a magnifying glass I do not have to hold will be a bonus !!


I had to decorate the table, lol. I am sure once I start working most of this will move onto the black table and the big metal table will just be a work station, but they look nice for now !! I love the vintage tubes of seed beads and sequins in the jar !!!



I am hoping now that I have some spaces to work in that I can get much more creative now. I kind of lost my drive in the last six months as I had lost a dedicated place to work in the last house, but now that we are back home in our beautiful cottage, I can spread out and enjoy the space to work. I have three large custom orders to finally get done, so I will be posting on each one as I work the coming weeks. It is going to be fun to see these projects finished and go off to thier new homes !!

I have so many things I want to do !!!

So, I am excited to have a dedicated space and already have some projects on the table for tomorrow. My three current custom orders , I have been waiting on parts, and still am for the one pearl project, need to get beading string for it, but otherwise, I am good to go on my projects and one customer has a line up of great projects to do, we are waiting on a major item , well group of  items to get here to get started on the big projects but the small one, decorating the basket lid, we are starting now !!



Some pirate wine charms I am working on, finished the original order but she wanted more, so I just got all the charms and beads together to finish the 24 she requested !!



This next project will be a lot of small projects and large projects. First is a decorative ring and tassles for this cute basket lid. She sent it to me so I could carfeully fit it so the knob is fully usable . We decided to go with seed beads and then we will design some dangles for each end of the ring which will slightly overlap !! The dangle will be two on each loop and hang to the edge of hte basket lid. I am excited to get started on it !!



My Grace Kelly inpired bracelet. Not the one I  want to do, but the one I  feel we can do at this point. It is inspired by that popular bracelet and when I write about it I get more hits then anything else. One dayI hope to really copy that bracelet, but for now, I  hope to at least capture the spirit of it with this version !! I am taking apart another braclet and necklace and  using the pearls with pretty vintage looking spacers  and a lovely glass pearl clasp , and we will add some charms that my customer/ Cousin is picking out !!



I have another customer mailing me two bracelets she bought from me to remake into two more. She wants half the beads as the last one she ordered custom we did with half the beaded charms and she liked it better. So, she asked me to please take them apart and make the two into four, so once that comes I will add that. My cousin that ordered the Grace Kelly bracelet also wants some Moraccan themed beaded tasstles for her dining room cubboards.

I am excited to have all these projects lined up, and look forward to getting them all done in the next weeks and making all my customers very happy !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!


5 responses to “I have a working studio !!!”

  1. Congrats on your new studio, it looks wonderful. I love the way you organize your projects, thank you for sharing. Would love to see you and your husband sharing that table, though, especially with glass cutting!!


  2. Me too, his glass has been on hold for five years, it is time for him to start working again, I miss seeing his creations and we have projects to do together as well !!


  3. This is exciting, Stephie! Lots of room and now you can make the time to do it. I can feel the enthusiasm for the new projects! You go, girl!


  4. Your studio is amazing! How fabulous to once again have a dedicated area to craft in (even with a shared table!). You must be so pleased!


  5. Thank you so much !! It finally feels like a studio, and I love it. Not sure w hen I will be sharing as he has to set up his stain glass studio and with everything we have to get done on the house while the weather is good, it might be a while. I am excited for him to get set up as I am looking forward to working together on some projects !!


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