Studio progress !!!

Whew, I have been working on my studio this past week, it is very tedious going through every bead, and finding and all the trays of loose stuff I still have to go through, yikes. I will be very careful in the future about making up project trays, they can be a night mare to put away !!

Here is some of my progress. I have added 13 bead boxes to my inventory by putting away new stuff and seperating stuff that was over packed into boxes. I hate having more than one thing per cubby, one or two of each is fine, but when I have to combine a couple of different things and there is a lot of both, I hate that. So, I have also been going through the bead boxes and seperating them and have added a blue ,a white, a black, and clear box, and probably will be adding a few more as I go through the other colors of beads. I hope the seven boxes I have are enough for the amount of new stuff to put away and to add to any colors that need more boxes.

I think I am at 76 boxes at this point. Yikes. If I use all the rest it will be 83 total. I am fairly certain I will use them all though and might even need more than the 20 I bought yesterday !!!







My work table is still a huge mess, but it is a work in progress !!! I have a ton to go through still !!!



look at my view from my work table, hard to have a bad day looking out at t his !!

the first is the picture through the french door which I can look out from my desk, sideways, and do quite often !! We have tiny, very fragrant pink tea roses over the trellis and they are stunning .


it looks better in person as the screens look worse in photos, we have those heavy duty sun screens to keep the house cooler !! Have to put one on the french door, jsut have not gotten to it yet !!



So, nice views all day long, so many birds and squirrels and roses to look it and it is so pretty and charming. Very nice room to spend my day !!!


Here are some of my roses from the front yard !!!




the next two bushes are combined somehow, the lovely peach in front and the red climbing rose that will be all over the front porch rail soon !! Unfortunately there are a lot of weeds too !!! Another work in progress !!! Along with our poor picket fence !!






I love our roses and hope to add them out front. We have a lot of work to do and will be writing about that on my other blog, out cute vintage cottage, link on the side of my page !!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to have finished pictures of the studio soon !!



7 responses to “Studio progress !!!”

  1. I know this feeling, keep things out to work on 1st project then start seconf project add to stash and yes now I have many projects done but 2 days of putting away and reorganizing…We do it so well


    1. Yep, same here, I have to get better about putting the projects away as I finish them, and finish them before starting another!!! Yeah right, that is going to happen , lol !!
      So, I have to spend the time getting it back together !!!


  2. Love your organization! I am jealous and need to work on mine. I started keeping a basket where I store my seed beads and when I’m finished with a project, I put the tube/envelope into the basket for re-storing. I try to do it once a week. But picking up all those loose beads from project trays are my nemesis. I spent two hours re-stocking one tray full of loose beads. Frustrating cause I would rather be beading!! And Love your roses!!!!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by !! Seed beads are the worst for clean up, so tiny !!! I have two trays of those and I have just left them alone !! I am not even close to wanting to deal with that mess !!! It is frustrating, you are right !!! I need to put less out and add if I need more, but I always over stock my project tray !!!


  3. WOW you have an emormous amount of beads. It will be all worthwhile when you have managed to sort them all. Lx


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